If the dregs are covered with dregs, they should be worn quickly from the dregs.

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Song Zhe breathed a little more, as if he was angry. "It was Su Jing who said he had found many little stars before. He was an old hand in the hidden rules.

Song Zhe breathed a little more, as if he was angry. "It was Su Jing who said he had found many little stars before. He was an old hand in the hidden rules. I thought it was slandered by the media." Chu Ziqiu stirred the white milk in the pot with a spoon. "It was indeed slandered." "It's a fart," Song Zhe said. "I caught him just now. At the gate of Denglai International, I found him pulling and pulling with the new He Yunqing from a distance. He was very intimate." Chu Ziqiu said lightly, "the distance is too far, you didn't look carefully, don't think too much." "Not only this time, I heard that during this period of time, he often spent a lot of time outside, hugging left and right." Song Zhe asked him incredibly, "It's all like this, but you're still lying to yourself." Chu Ziqiu turned off the gas and looked at the steaming fog in front of him. His eyes drooped slightly. "I still have something to do, so I'll hang up first." "Hey, wait a minute. Hey." Friend's voice broke in the mobile phone, Chu Ziqiu poured the milk in the pot into a transparent glass, he had just finished washing the pot, heard the sound of opening the door from the hall. Jiang yuan patiently waited in the hotel box for Chu Ziqiu and Miao Xin, who were on the first floor, to leave, thinking that the bombing effect of the phone call before should be almost the same. Unlike the first world, there was no marriage between him and the man named Chu Ziqiu, but only cohabitation. In this case, that emotional breakdown, go out to taste fresh, is also normal,wholesale plastic pallet, Jiang yuan sat in the box for a while, drank a pot of tea, then glanced at the watch. It's getting late. Jiang yuan put on his suit jacket and took the elevator downstairs, but in the lobby of the hotel, he met He Yunqing who came down to consult the front desk. The other party should have just come out of the bathroom, wearing a nightgown, with undried water droplets in his hair, and the whole person was like a fresh orange, which attracted people around him to look at it quietly. There were even several men dressed in luxurious clothes who wanted to chat up. When He Yunqing saw him,plastic bulk containers, he was a little surprised at first, but with a smile behind him, he stood on tiptoe and trotted over, "Su Zong, how did you come down? Drink too much and forget the room number, 8088. I'll go up with you later." Jiang yuan shook his head gently, "No, you rest first and come to the office tomorrow." He Yunqing was stupefied and asked doubtfully, "isn't General Manager Su going up?" Jiang yuan said to him in a gentle tone, "Open the room, go to sleep, single room, too crowded." After saying that, he politely said good night to He Yunqing before driving away. Su Zong, you wait. "He Yunqing chased all the way to the hotel gate, looked at the taillights of the luxury car, and stood in place with his eyes wide open, letting the cold wind blow through.". Does Mr. Su seldom stay in Denglai? It's a very luxurious suite with a big bed. He Yunqing bit his lower lip and thought to himself that he had missed such a good opportunity today. At the door of the villa, heavy duty plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, Jiang yuan parked the car, came down and took out the key and opened the door. Here is his and Chu Ziqiu's residence, after the big entertainment company makes money, buys a villa to be very simple, here is also more concealed, is not easy to let these reporters photograph. As soon as Jiang yuan entered the room, the warm slippers were placed in front of him, and a cup of warm milk was placed on the table, which was already a little cooler, just enough to enter the mouth. Chu Ziqiu took the coat in his hand, took out the hanger and hung it up, and said, "The hot water in the bathtub is ready." Jiang yuan looked at him, trying to see some traces of overstimulation from the man's face. But it didn't He doesn't know why the other side is so calm. Chu Ziqiu looked at the clock while waiting for Su Jing to finish the milk. Night, 9:00 sharp. The extravagant nightlife in the city starts after 11 o'clock. Is the man who comes back early on time every night indulging in debauchery in the supermarket? Chu Ziqiu got up and went to the kitchen to cut the fruit. If he cut it too early, the pulp would oxidize. When Su Jing came out of the bathroom, he could just eat it fresh. He selected a few of the seasonal fruits he ordered, not oranges, all washed and cut into small pieces, and placed them in a porcelain bowl. Finally, Chu Ziqiu sat on the sofa, holding the remaining orange in his hand, throwing it lightly a few times, and stretching his eyebrows slightly. Oranges? Su Jing never likes to eat this. Chapter 39 The next day, Jiang yuan came to the company. The office building of Dayu Group is located in the most expensive area in the city center. It is a towering and atmospheric building with the momentum of overlooking, just like the gold-lettered signboard of the entertainment circle. In the past eight years, the Big Entertainment Company has produced many well-known stars. Although Chu Ziqiu is the only one who can win the title of best actor, the new stars, such as He Yunqing, Jiang Kewei and Ye Ming, all have the hope of winning the throne in the future. As a new company that has been in the industry for less than ten years, it is enough to have such achievements in the entertainment circle. Jiang yuan openly called He Yunqing, the most popular little fresh meat at the moment, to his office without avoiding anyone. When Chu Ziqiu knocked on the door and came in, he saw the two men talking intimately, as if no one was watching, in an intimate tone. He Yunqing sat on the mahogany table with almost half of his body, smiling at Su Jingqiao and hooking his eyes ambiguously. Jiang yuan is enjoying the appearance of being fawned on, he impatiently glanced at Chu Ziqiu, "what is it, don't you see I'm busy?" In the office, openly talk about love with people, and the value of ill feeling increases. Chu Ziqiu put the script in his hand on his desk and glanced faintly at the little fresh meat. He Yunqing only felt a fine hair stand, originally had to pull down some of the jeans, was immediately lifted high by him, almost pulled the egg. He immediately stood down from the table, leaned squarely against the corner, and asked respectfully, "General Manager Su, I'll go out first if it's all right." Jiang yuan had to nod and agree. He Yunqing walked out of the president's office at the fastest speed. In his heart, he was naturally very unwilling, but he could hook up with Su Jing. Talk about love, yes. It's better to check in at night. Inside the entertainment circle, there are many examples of relying on the body to ascend. If he doesn't do it, there will always be someone ahead. Chu Ziqiu is not an example,plastic pallet supplier, although I heard that he is one of the founders, but the relationship between Su Zong, discerning people can see. cnplasticpallet.com