The Soul of Willow Setting Sun and Thunder

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Tian Shouchang said heavily, "You only know one thing, but you don't know the other. Son, it's true that the'Don't Return to the Island 'is very powerful.

Tian Shouchang said heavily, "You only know one thing, but you don't know the other. Son, it's true that the'Don't Return to the Island 'is very powerful. It's true that we've won several battles in a row, but the main force of the'Don't Return to the Island' hasn't arrived yet. These fires are all done by my men in the'Fairy Ox Cave ', the'Flower Gang' and the'Scorpion '. Victory is to win a few games, 'Scorpion' but suffered heavy losses, almost no power to fight again, 'Hanako Gang' also suffered great sacrifices, my men are routed, now, we have no way to deal with a strong opponent like'Purple Ling Palace 'or'Six Shun Lou' again-unless our main force arrives, otherwise, we have no choice but to install Sun Tzu here. As long as we engage in another tough battle, we will be wiped out at this point! With a long "oh", Shui Bingxin said, "So that's it." "But why didn't the main force of'Don't go back to the island 'arrive?" She asked doubtfully. "God knows," said Tian Shouchang bitterly! The only way to do this is to ask Zhan Laoer who killed a thousand knives! "If they come," said Wei Langyun heavily, "I'll see through them. I haven't heard from them to this day.." If the island army arrives on time to meet, why should we be attacked by others? Why shrink here and play the old bear? Tian Shouchang gasped, "If I want to see the face of the old ghost, I'll have to fight with him!" Shui Bingxin, in turn, advised,metal cosmetic tubes, "Uncle, don't be angry. In my opinion, Uncle Zhan must have encountered some irresistible resistance. Otherwise, no matter how serious the matter is, he himself will not break his promise. This can be said to be a critical moment of life and death!" As soon as he patted his knee, Tian Shouchang said, "Isn't that right? This old dog has broken the news, and there is no news at all. It makes people so anxious that they are in a panic.." Rescuers are like putting out a fire. Alas! Shuibing thought for a moment and said, "Be patient and wait, Uncle. I believe Uncle Zhan is more anxious than the people here. Whenever possible,empty cosmetic tubes, they will try their best to speed up their arrival." Tian Shouchang said with a wry smile, "I can only hope like this.." As he spoke, he stood up and said, "Yes, girl, when are you going to persuade your adoptive father?" Shui Bingxin said calmly, "What does the second uncle mean?" After hesitating for a moment, Tian Shouchang said, "You'd better think about it yourself." The expression on his face became a little strange, and this "hundred orifices heart gentleman" seemed to want to speak and then stopped. Finally, he just smiled and walked toward the door without saying anything. The ice and snow clever water ice heart hurriedly stood up and said softly, "Uncle-do you have anything else to tell me?" With his hand on the door frame, Tian Shouchang stopped, turned around, hesitated for a moment, and then opened his mouth with a little apology: "I didn't want to say it, my child. Since you asked, eye cream packing tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, I will say it. But first of all, I declare that this is not to doubt you or not to trust you. It's just to strengthen your vigilance. Our hiding place now." Now you know all the secrets of our strength. In other words, our weaknesses are all in your hands. When you go to persuade your godfather, remember not to let the cat out of the bag, otherwise, it will be our disaster.. Shui Bingxin's face suddenly turned pale, and even the blood that had just rippled on her lips suddenly faded. Her whole body trembled uncontrollably, tears appeared in her eyes, and her voice was hoarse: "Uncle.." You always don't believe. With a choking sound, she suddenly raised her head and forced herself to hold back the grief and grievance in her heart. "Yes, uncle, I'll remember.." she sobbed. In a moment of panic, Tian Shouchang was embarrassed and apologetic and said anxiously, "Don't do this, girl. Don't do this. I don't mean anything else. I just remind you. Oh, why do you bother?"? You are a good baby, how can I let you be wronged, how to doubt? Girl, this.. This Where does this really come from? You have misunderstood! Shui Bingxin said sadly, "Uncle, I won't misunderstand you, and I don't think you're doubting me." Uncle, rest assured, I know very well how important my position is-tangible and intangible. Rubbing his hands again and again, Elder Tian Shou said with a warm face, "I, er, I've always been used to being careful. Girl, I sometimes say a few more words. I hope you won't take it amiss!" "I dare not," said Shui Bingxin respectfully but bitterly. ” After a few dry coughs, Tian Shouchang said, "Let's talk. I'll go back to my room and do something. Well, I won't bother you.." As he spoke, the old gentleman hurriedly opened the door and left, turning his hand around to tighten the door again. This small act had already shown the uneasiness and embarrassment of this "gentleman with a hundred orifices". Gently wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, Shui Bingxin silently sat back on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor with dull and empty eyes, without saying a word. Stepping forward, Wei Langyun said with a wry smile, "Bing Xin.." Shui Bingxin turned his face sideways and Yu responded, "Huh?" Wei Langyun said apologetically, "Don't be wrong about the second uncle. He doesn't trust you. He just wants you to be careful.." With a sad smile, Shui Bingxin said, "I almost forgot that I was in a place hostile to me." With a twitch in his cheeks, Wei Langyun said sadly, "No one is hostile to you. Bing Xin, you are too sensitive. This is because you are not yet adapted to this environment. Especially the second uncle, he is very good to you. Even if he is too careful to say that he has a heavy job, you have to understand that he is too responsible for his shoulders. Bing Xin, put yourself in his shoes and think about it. Haven't you ever done that?"? The subtle feelings between us have been pregnant for a long time, but they are revealed too suddenly. In my heart, there are still some strangers. Uncle is not me. You can't ask him to understand you as deeply as I do. Gazing at Wei Langyun, Shui Bingxin suddenly said, "There is a way to make the second uncle believe me completely." "Don't suffer yourself, Bing Xin," said Wei Langyun. "He believed in you.." Shaking his head,pump tube, Shui Bingxin said: "This is only limited. I know he still has the mentality of observing and exploring me. I can't blame him, because he doesn't know me well enough. After knowing so many secrets, I also have the obligation to give a guarantee-to guarantee my sincerity and sincerity.." 。