Emperor tyrant

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Sissolis kept talking about the glorious history of Centair, but Li Hengxin ignored her. He was not in the mood

At the same time, the higher the level of Taoist bone, the more precious, the more difficult to have, just like Shenxuanzong, who has a very limited number of Taoist bones. Now Shenxuanzong has a lot of stocks in the lower level of Taoist bones, but not every Taoist bone has been evolved. After all, it is impossible for an existence like Ping Suoweng to have so much energy and time to evolve every piece of Taoist bone. Moreover, some low-level Taoist bones are not worth wasting time and energy to evolve, because Shenxuanzong already has many low-level skills. Of course, any great church will not dislike more exercises, if there are more exercises, for a sect, it is a good thing. Therefore, if there is a disciple who can really evolve the skills of Taoist bones, Shenxuanzong will certainly reward him. All right, I'll evolve the skill of ten Taoist bones. I don't care about the reward. I just want this Taoist bone. Li Qiye smiled and pointed to the ordinary Taoist bone. Chapter 3306 ten bones. As soon as Li Qiye said this, even Zhang Yue and the elders were stunned for a moment. For a while, Zhang Yue and the elders were all looking at me and I was looking at you. This is not because they despise Li Qiye, but they all feel that this is impossible. Evolve the skill of ten Taoist bones. What a joke! Even if the suzerain Ping Suo Weng makes a move, even if he chooses the lowest level of Taoist bones, it will take a long time to evolve. After all, each bone contains a large number of runes, and it is not easy to sequence and evolve the runes, which requires not only great strength,coltan ore processing, but also great understanding. Just now, Gong Qianyue had already tried, but failed. Ten bones. It's impossible. Zhang Yue denied Li Qiye's idea. Zhang Yue did not mean to belittle and laugh at Li Qiye. Although he had some prejudices or opinions about Li Qiye, Li Qiye was still a disciple of Kingfisher Peak at least now. In this respect, Zhang Yue would not suppress Li Qiy or anything. Now Li Qiye said to evolve the skills of ten Taoist bones, Zhang Yue of course felt that it was impossible, not to say that Li Qiye did not have that strength, did not have that talent, did not say that time is not enough now, even if these are not a problem, they also felt that Li Qiye could not evolve the skills of ten Taoist bones. What a big breath! Evolve the skills of ten Taoist bones. With a sneer, Huang Ning said, "Evolution is the mystery of heaven and earth. It's not done by human beings. Do you think it's graffiti?"? Easy to do? Huang Ning simply did not believe that Li Qiye could evolve the skill of ten Taoist bones, Carbon in Pulp ,manganese beneficiation plant, even if it was the skill of one Taoist bone, he would not believe it. Because this is simply impossible, powerful as a bow, the first master of the younger generation, the first genius of Shenxuanzong, but also has a congenital destiny, but she wanted to evolve a piece of bone skills have not been able to do. Li Qiye is just a strong body of iron sheet and the posture of three mortals. It's fantastic that a person like him can evolve the skills of ten Taoist bones. It's impossible at all. Hum, if you can evolve the skill of ten Taoist bones, I can become an immortal. A disciple gave a sneer and said disdainfully, "I'm just bragging. I don't have the ability. Don't talk wildly." I don't blame the other disciples for not believing or even disdaining it. It's hard to believe anyone who says it. Just from Gong Qianyue, she said she wanted to evolve the skill of ten Taoist bones. I'm afraid none of the disciples present believed it very much. Ten bones? That's impossible. Even the chief elder who was very interested in Li Qiye's evil door could not help shaking his head. Gong Qianyue looked at Li Qiye. She didn't know why. Suddenly, she believed Li Qiye very much. She was very confident about what he said. She said to Zhang Yue and the elders, "Why not let him try? There will be no loss." Gong Qianyue such words, immediately let Zhang Yue and the elders can not help but look at each other, Gong Qianyue this is not wrong, if let Li Qiye try, what is the loss? "Well, let's not talk about ten pieces. Even if you can evolve one piece, even if it's the Dao Bone Skill of Huang Jie, I'll decide for you and give you this Dao Bone.". "The oldest chief elder stared at Li Qiye for a moment and finally said with a smile.". Li Qiye couldn't help laughing and said, "I like to hear this. It gives me a good impression. Let's start." With these words, he went straight to choose the bones. Is that really possible? Looking at the back of Li Qiye's selection of Taoist bones, several elders present all looked at each other. They all felt that it was impossible. It was simply impossible. If we say that in this short period of time, ten pieces of Taoist bones had evolved, even Ping Suoweng could not do it. Whether it works or not, give him a try. I like this boy a little. Said another elder. Well, it's true that great people are always envied. There was also an elder who looked at the disciples present and said lightly, "Only mediocrity can be plain and unenvied." Li Qiye got the permission of some elders, which made many disciples unconvinced, especially those who had a grudge against Li Qiye or who were the admirers of Gong Qianyue. Li Qiye is such a man of three ordinary postures, only the strength of the iron sheet strong body, they do not know how much stronger than Li Qiye's strength, talent does not know how much higher than him. Why can Li Qiye get the favor of Gong Qianyue? Why can he get a high look from the elders? Therefore, these disciples are particularly unhappy and hostile to Li Qiye. Hum, the skill of evolving ten Taoist bones, dreaming. No disciple could believe that Li Qiye could do it and said disdainfully. Don't worry, wait for him to make a fool of himself. It's no use bragging now. If he can't realize it later, it's time to make a fool of himself. There are also disciples who smile coldly, and when Li Qiye can't be realized, it's not too late to humiliate him. At this time, Li Qiye began to select Taoist bones. The Taoist bones he selected were all unevolved Taoist bones. However, the Taoist bone he selected was very complex. There were Taoist bone of the top grade of the terrace,portable gold wash plant, Taoist bone of the lower grade of the yellow terrace, Taoist skeleton of fire attribute, and Taoist skeleton of water attribute. ore-magnetic-mining.com