Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

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"Yes, yes," Long Changkong echoed Chu Miaoli's tone and kept nodding, "but you can't blame me, I really didn't think you would look so much like me!

"Yes, yes," Long Changkong echoed Chu Miaoli's tone and kept nodding, "but you can't blame me, I really didn't think you would look so much like me! Little Phoenix, I can't wait to marry you! "Not only do you want to marry me, but I am also very satisfied with you, but even if we are immortals, we can't pull out the seedlings to help them grow, can we?!" Chu Miaoli sighed half-truthfully. In fact, we are not really. There's nothing you can do about it. The tail of the fox in the sky, because of Chu Miaoli's words, half hidden and half exposed. When Qing Qing, who had been soaking in the vinegar jar, heard this, her eyes brightened involuntarily, and her face, which had become unusually pale because of the great loss of vitality, finally showed a little more subtle crimson. This is the color of excitement. This time I finally got the color. Oh, can you really grow up early? As early as eight hundred years ago, Chu Miaoli, who had already seen through the essence of the dragon sky, gave a sneer in her heart,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but she made a very expectant look on her face. She repeatedly asked, "Then tell me about it quickly. I can't wait to know." Chu Miaoli, who was so impatient, looked at the eyes of the dragon in the sky, and was really indescribably happy. Murmured in the heart, the child is easy to cheat, he hooked the corners of his mouth, deliberately put on a very serious expression, said to Chu Miaoli: "Although this method for us,tannic acid astringent, it is nothing at all, but the little phoenix, I still hope you can concentrate on obeying my command, lest there is any mistake that none of us can predict in the middle!" "Oh, I know, I know, don't talk nonsense here, tell me what to do in the end!" Chu Miaoli nodded impatiently and vividly interpreted an impatient child who wanted to grow up quickly. Little Phoenix, I can fully understand your impatience at the moment, but I still hope you can listen to my advice, we slowly step by step, OK? Long Changkong also made a big brother who thought about Chu Miaoli wholeheartedly. Two people again "cooperate tacitly" after performing a good play, "in high spirits" Chu Miaoli finally in the long sky "worried", began to leave for several months after another life. Before the secret art was launched, Chu Miaoli, who deliberately wanted to make the two of them have a hard time, jujube seed powder ,ghana seed extract, deliberately pointed at Qing Qing, who was sitting cross-legged opposite her, and pretended to be stupid: "Brother Long, don't I want to grow up?"? Why is she sitting here, too? Because I want to change my life with you. How can I not sit here? Qing Qing said silently in the heart, looking at Chu Miaoli's eyes, but also unconsciously brought out a bit of vicious meaning. Because she is the slave of the contract signed with you anyway, if there is any mistake in the middle of the secret art, she can also be used to resist danger for you. Long Changkong's face was not red, and he was not angry. In front of Chu Miaoli, he said a lie that made Qing Qing almost burst into laughter. Chu Miaoli'believed it was true ', "so that's what happened, but is this too wronged her, what if she died because of this?" "Jing Nu has the responsibility and obligation to contribute everything to his master. Little Phoenix, don't think about it any more. Let's act quickly. You know, if you continue to delay like this, when your father and mother come over, I'm afraid you won't grow up!" Long Changkong could not stand Chu Miaoli's grinding, and finally tore the worried mask and hurried to urge her. Chu Miaoli pretended not to see that something was wrong with him. She looked at him very seriously. Sitting cross-legged opposite her, Qing Qing said, "Since Brother Long said that this is only a small secret art, it should not cause much harm to you. You can rest assured that when I grow up, I will set you free." Qing Qing looked at the face full of guilt Chu Miaoli, can not help but in the heart sent out a cool thin to the extreme irony. A rotten good person who will feel ashamed of taking advantage of the slave, no matter how sad she will eventually fall into a very sad situation, she has only herself to blame and can not blame anyone. Oneself and she is also the fate is not shallow, rather than let her fall in the hands of others, no bones, it is better to do a lifetime of life elixir for yourself, as long as the steadfast to be obedient, she does not mind and Xianggong has been raising her. Thinking of this, Qing Qing raised an unusually sweet smile at the corners of her mouth and said gratefully, "Your Excellency has a Bodhisattva's heart. The little slave has accepted it. He is only a servant for a day and a servant for life. Now that the little slave has signed a master-servant contract with your Excellency, he will never be willing to leave your side again." Long Changkong did not think that his sweetheart could put down his own shelf so quickly, and take the initiative with the fire phoenix and the snake, the heart is really surprised and happy. He gave Qing Qing a look full of appreciation without any trace. He explained to Chu Miaoli in a good mood: "Little Phoenix, you just broke out of your shell. I'm afraid you haven't integrated the inherited memories that you were born with. So I don't know. For little monsters like them, freedom is far less important than life safety." "Life safety?" Chu Miaoli looked back and forth curiously at the two of them, hiding their hands under their robes, but not half idle, according to her original plan, to perform the art of stealing life from the memory of the Fire Phoenix. As the ancients said, it is impolite to come but not to go. Long Changkong can stop at nothing for his sweetheart, and she can naturally give him a taste of his own medicine for her own future survival! Long Changkong, who inexplicably felt a chill on his back, subconsciously turned his head and looked around. Then he continued to say in a tone full of conviction: "Yes, life is safe!"! Spirits like them are coveted by many practitioners with bad intentions. Qing Qing cooperated to show an expression of fear on her face. They are not good enough, usually caught only a dead end, so, rather than wandering around the outside precarious escape, it is better to attach to a strong man,jujube seed powder, under his protection, until one day, become a big demon that no one dares to touch! "So that's what's going on. Then you can stay with me and practice hard!" 。 prius-biotech.com