Ye Laotai Back to 70 -- Yan Shui Se

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???? For waste utilization Ye Xiyu gave these sets to several brothers respectively. ???? One of them was taken directly to the dormitory of the school by Ling Yiyang.

???? For waste utilization Ye Xiyu gave these sets to several brothers respectively. ???? One of them was taken directly to the dormitory of the school by Ling Yiyang. You can use it when you are ready to play some English tapes. ???? And then it was such a coincidence. On one occasion, Wang Zhen saw them recording their own English conversations on the radio. ???? In the beginning No one thought of using the radio to record the voice of the prisoner, but once Guo Lei left the radio in the classroom, and when he went back to get it, he found that the recorder in the desk was running all the time. ???? After he took the radio back to the dormitory. As soon as he said this, there was a commotion among the people in the dormitory, who said they wanted to hear what was recorded on the radio. ???? They released the contents. Although it was only the sound of some classmates frolicking in the classroom, it made Ling Yiyang notice a little. ???? Later During an operational exercise, in order to steal the news of the other team, Ling Yiyang quietly put the radio with the recording function into the tent of the other camp. ???? Then Someone asked someone to take back the radio. In this way, the people on Ling Yiyang's side won a great victory in the exercise. ???? And Wang Zhen also discovered another function of the radio from this exercise. ???? After hearing that. The two in the office were surprised, "You are a clever student!" ?? "Such a method can come up with, this future is not small ah." ?? "Yes,pumpkin seed extract, if he hadn't let me find out that the radio has such a function, I wouldn't have thought that I could use it at this time." Said Wang Zhenyou to press a radio. ???? I don't know if he was lucky. This radio just recorded the conversation between boss Qian and Ma Qiang. ?? "Who are those two people they're talking about?" Li Jianhua asked with a straight face. ???? Wang Zhen "I know that.". ?? "Eh?" Li Jianhua looked at him. ???? Wang Zhen "Do the two men know each other?". As he spoke, he said something about that day. "That is to say, do they suspect that Ling Yiyang and the little girl are right?" Said the bearer. ?? "Hum" Wang Zhen nods, "I also listen to that day with the sun told me about the dark market auction,rosmarinic acid supplement, but at that time I think is, this thing will be over today, so I didn't pay much attention to it, it seems that we may be able to take advantage of this opportunity, in a group of people ah." ???? Li Jianhua heard this. The corners of his mouth were also hooked. "That's a good idea." ?? "I give now with the sun to make a phone call, let him prepare the next morning to Panjia yuan." Then Wang Zhen picked up the phone on Li Jianhua's desk and dialed it. ???? Ling Yiyang here received a phone call from Wang Zhen. He also told him about his plans with Ye Xiyu. ???? When they said they had all the deposits ready for the dark market auction. Wang Zhen also smiled, "Ok, just do as you say.". ???? Finish He hung up the phone with a snap. ???? Li Jianhua looked at the smile in the corner of his eyes. Curious, he asked, fenugreek saponins ,akba boswellic acid, "How's it going?" ???? Wang Zhen smiled. "The two little guys are also aware that boss Qian will find someone to test them, so they have prepared the deposit for the dark market auction in the early morning.". ?? "Yo, the family condition of your this student is pretty good." As soon as Li Jianhua heard this, he was somewhat surprised. ???? Wang Zhen "Yes, the condition of his family is really not bad.". ???? That's all Ye Xiyu and Ling Yiyang went to Panjia yuan in the evening to take a trip, how to give down. ???? Early in the morning At one or two o'clock, Ye Xiyu and Ling Yiyang set out from home with a package containing the money. ???? Today As usual, Guo Lei's driver drove a taxi with a new license plate to see them off. ???? Get in the car Ye Xiyu looked at the package placed in the middle and said to Ling Yiyang with some amusement, "Brother Yiyang, do you think the situation of us holding cash is similar to that when we first came to Beijing when we were young?" ???? Speaking of which. Ling Yiyang also remembered that at that time, Ye Xiyu got on the train with a big bag of cash and carried it everywhere. ???? The thought of that scene. Ling Yiyang's mouth could not help bending, "this is really a bit like." ???? Guo Lei, who doesn't know much about this matter. Curious, "What are you two talking about cash, why, except today, you have taken out so much money before?" ???? Ye Xiyu smiled. "Second brother, do you still remember the money we earned when we went to Hainan in the first year?" ???? Guo Lei "Of course, it is so possible to forget.". ?? "Hey, when I came to Beijing with Yang Ge at that time, I took all the money with me." "What?" Guo Lei was shocked. He looked behind him. "How old were you at that time? Did you bring so much money to Beijing?" ?? "In fact, this is not what I think." Ye Xiyu said, "If it wasn't for when I went to the bank, the staff in the bank thought I was young, thought I was playing, and said I was too young to help me save money. I said several times that I had to save a lot of money, but no one listened to me, so I would take the money with me all the time." ?? "Yes." Ye Xiyu glanced at Guo Lei and said, "If I hadn't brought so much money to Beijing that time, I couldn't have bought such a good house." ???? Guo Lei thought of the room that had been turned over several times by now. He could not help nodding to Ye Xiyu and said,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, "All right, all right, what you said is right." ?? "Of course." Ye Xiyu looked up and accepted it without hesitation.