The shadow of the sword is cold

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Silver Sword Xu Wen watched the battle from the periphery,

Silver Sword Xu Wen watched the battle from the periphery, looking more and more dignified. Every muscle on his face seemed to be frozen, and his palms were wet with sweat. His swordsmanship is terrible. He could not help whispering. For the first time, Anping used Paiyun swordsmanship to meet the enemy. As a result of a series of recent life and death encounters, he not only gained countless valuable fighting experience, but also grew stronger and stronger. As a result, he felt that Liuhe was like one. The idea of being afraid of the enemy in the early days had disappeared without a trace. When he saw the move, he attacked immediately. In just a moment, he grabbed more than twenty feet of territory, and two swords were almost successful. But within 30 strokes, he has not yet gained an absolute advantage, the gold belt Europe is still wild to attack, but can not seize the initiative. The more the two servants looked at it, the more frightened they became. The food basket and the parcel had already been put down. Chapter thirty-two nine people and demons. The two servants were so frightened that they discussed with each other for a while. One of them approached the silver sword, Xu Wen, and asked anxiously, "Master Xu, can the younger one come forward and help the master?" Silver Sword Xu Wen shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Absolutely not. Your master's reputation will be shamed by your joining. He will not allow you to act foolishly." "Master Xu, that." "It's all right if you don't join. If you do, there will be a disaster." Silver Sword Xu Wen said grumpily. Can Master Xu dismantle it for them? Silver Sword Xu Wen shook his head flatly and said in a deep voice, "There's nothing I can do. Even if I want to wait for the plane to rescue me,ultrasonic metal welding, it's hard to reach the sky. The arts of both sides have been perfected. Life and death are in a moment, and they are changing rapidly. No one dares to predict when there will be a crisis. Even if we see the crisis, it's too late. No one can save it.". The master's art is on a par with that of the next, but Xia Anping seems to be better. How can I dismantle it for them? "Then.." That Isn't it dangerous for the master of the house? "It may be." Silver Sword Xu Wenran said. That The little one has to go. Said the servant, grinding his teeth. Unless you want your master to die early, you must stand by and do nothing. If I were you, I would not do such a foolish thing. A dead man leaves his name, and a dead leopard leaves its skin. If you join in,ultrasonic molten metal, even if the master stays alive, he will die with hatred and humiliation. "No one else knows here except Master Xu." "Joke!" Silver Sword Xu Wen said with displeasure. After a pause, he added, "If no one else is present, can you do something guilty?"? Thanks to your years of following your master, you should say such a thing. I really complain for Brother Ou. Don't wear a silver sword. Xu Wen is ruthless, but he is a hero who is arrogant and unwilling to live with himself. With a look of shame on his face, the servant stepped down shyly and said, "Please forgive me, Master Xu, because the younger one has never seen the master of the house fight so fiercely that he panicked and said such a thing." "It's not all your fault. You are also concerned about the safety of your master. You are so loyal that you are so confused that you don't think carefully and want to do your best for your master. It's understandable.". But just so you know.. We chivalrous people, whose reputation is more important than life, would rather die generously than tarnish the chivalrous name by relying on more to win. "Master Xu is right." I hope I can help my master, but I'm afraid I can't do what I want. Stand back and don't mess around. In the arena, the situation is urgent, the overall situation is reversed, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic generator driver, and the situation of the golden belt is getting worse and worse. The belt loses its fierce and wild strength, and the chance of long-range attack almost disappears completely. The second half of the golden belt is wrapped around the wrist. Can only use more than three feet with the tip and Anping deal, crystal rainbow has control of the overall situation, golden awn only parry, but no power to fight back. Since the strength of the blade could not be brought into play, it was doomed to failure. He had reached the end of his strength and the end of his days, but he still had to find a gap to attack. He could not afford to lose this battle, and he did not want to lose it, although he knew that he was at the bottom of his rope. An Ping fought more and more bravely. He felt that he had never been so handy in the past after the deployment of Paiyun Swordsmanship. Every move of attack could force the opponent to expose the empty door, so that the second move could break into the net laid by the opponent's golden belt again. Although the other side is tightly sealed and fiercely attacked, he can still dig into the attack, and block the other side's fierce offensive. Jianhong only makes a shadow in the key points of the other side's chest and abdomen, forcing the other party to retreat and withdraw to protect itself. After more than 30 attacks, there will be a one-sided situation, and he has dominated the overall situation. "Sigh! Sigh!" He staggered the three belts attacked by the other side in succession, shouted coldly, took advantage of the situation to grab in, and made a unique move. With a light roar, the tip of the sword entered the gap where the gold belt was staggered, and like lightning, it came to the right flank of the gold belt. Gold belt Ou Zheng was sweating profusely, and his feet were in a mess. He quickly leaned back to avoid a move. The gold belt slanted the body of the sword. With a heavy shout, he suddenly retreated eight feet with a roll of his head. He touched the back of Anping's head, and the belt body was all shaken out. It could be nine feet away. The belt was six feet long, and with the length of his arm, it could be nine feet away. Unfortunately, he was slow for a moment and avoided the fatal blow under the rib, but he was pushed by the force of the oblique frame. The sharp tip of the sword cut a short seam of three inches in front of the rib. His clothes were cracked and his flesh was open, and the wound was three minutes deep. The Bodhi Zen skill of protecting the body is invulnerable, but it is still unable to withstand the attack of the Cold Shadow Sword and break the strange roar of the magic skill of protecting the body, which makes him feel creepy. Brother Ou, you Dou. Silver Sword Xu Wen, a bystander, could not help giving a warning. It was clear to Lao that he had already seen that if Jin Dai did not give up the idea of winning, he would be unable to protect himself, so he had to remind Jin Dai to change his tactics. Jin Dai Ou Zheng woke up from a dream and realized that he was really a fan of the game. He should not have given up the foolish idea of preserving his reputation and fighting back to win regardless of everything in a dangerous situation. It was really unwise. Even if you can manage to break into the sword net, with the other side's attainments, at least it is a lose-lose situation, and may even die, is it not too risky, too stupid? The possibility of success is only a ratio of three to seven, and the proportion of unfavorable elements is much larger. If you don't give up the foolish idea, your life will be ruined here. With a loud shout, he advanced in order to retreat, and took advantage of the moment when Anping had no time to fight back, he took a step forward and made a gesture to attack. As expected, Anping followed up and shot with his sword, ready to respond. But he jumped sideways, out of the danger zone within reach of the sword,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and then began to walk to the left. The storm has passed, and the fierce fight has gone with the golden belt, forming a chase situation.