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"Bang!" Under the command of Qin Lun's consciousness,

"Bang!" Under the command of Qin Lun's consciousness, the crystal mirror magic array broke like a real mirror, and countless fragments sprayed forward. This is the element blast of the crystal mirror magic array. The magic array just now is composed of wind elements. Those fragments are actually countless tiny wind blade lenses. The range of the elemental critical strike is only about half a meter, beyond which the wind blade will be scattered into the wind element again, leaving only a powerful thrust. Qin Lun closed his eyes and meditated, carefully experiencing the dribs and drabs in the process of casting just now. It should work! After a while, Qin Lun mumbled and opened his eyes, crouched down slightly, and struggled to jump up. Qin Lun jumped more than one meter and began to fall. At this time, his eyes flashed and a crystal mirror magic array appeared at his feet. Bang! The crystal mirror magic array exploded at Qin Lun's feet, and the elemental blast "shot" him out like a rocket booster. When! Before Qin Lun could react, his head hit the thick ceiling and fell down dancing. After a long time, Qin Lun sat up from the floor, touched the huge swelling on his head, and showed a trace of excitement in his eyes. I'm not wrong, the mage who developed this crystal mirror magic did not want to use it as a defensive spell, but used it on himself,decorative palm trees, as an acceleration and evasion magic! Magicians develop magic shields that, even if they do not cover the whole body, block one direction of the body. Crystal mirror magic array is only as big as a small round shield, the protection area is too small, it is hard to imagine that the magician will use this magic as a defensive shield. Of course, even if this magic avoids the damage distance of the wind blade, its explosive thrust is not a weak magician can bear,large artificial blossom trees, its real user should be a powerful physical warrior! He looked down at his ragged trouser legs and bloody legs, which he had just failed to control the distance of the elemental blast and was scratched by the wind blade. Qin Lun eyes flashed a ray of light, the scroll into a skill does not mean that he has completely controlled the crystal mirror magic array. If you want to use it as a speed change magic without hurting yourself, ordinary apostles may need thousands of times of training. However, it is not necessary for him, as long as the magic array data and his jumping ability are properly input into the combat model, he can quickly master this skill. Half a day later, Qin Lun stood in place with his eyes closed, holding the evil dagger in his left hand and the FN-500 in the form of a sword in his right hand. When he opened his eyes again, his bright eyes lost their focus and were at a loss. Qin Lun's right foot kicked the ground, swooped forward, and a crystal mirror magic array suddenly appeared half a meter behind him. Bang! The elemental blast hit him like a giant hammer, fake ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, making him fly across the room like a sharp arrow, and the distance of tens of meters was fleeting. Tread! Facing the wall in front of him, Qin Lun stepped on the wall and rushed up to the roof with a few steps. Just then, a crystal mirror magic array appeared on his right side again. Qin Lun turned over, stretched out his feet and stepped on the crystal mirror magic array, prancing parallel to the ground. Bang! As soon as he jumped out of the crystal mirror magic array, the elemental blast exploded again. With the appearance of a crystal mirror, Qin Lun flew and pranced on the swordsmanship dojo like a marble, leaving a shadow in the air with the sword and dagger in his hand. Trajectories move back and forth, left and right, and the changes are strange and unpredictable. After several flashes, Qin Lun's eyes returned to Pure Brightness, staggered a few steps, collapsed on the ground and gasped, and his muscles trembled slightly involuntarily. With my current energy value, I can only use the Crystal Mirror Magic Array four times in a row, and my physical quality can't afford the sudden change of direction! Qin Lun only felt pain all over his body, and a group of swollen purple spots appeared under his skin, which was the subcutaneous congestion after the muscle tear. Repairing the body cost Qin Lun 500 broken crystals, but compared to today's harvest is really not worth mentioning. Originally, Qin Lun wanted to use another low-level stress training scroll in the dojo, but he was so tired that he had to go home first. You should know that the body can be restored with broken crystals, but the sequelae left by physical injuries can not be eliminated immediately. When Qin Lun woke up again, it was the afternoon of the next day. Master, are you awake? The projection pager at home has several messages from you! Seeing Qin Lun go downstairs, it seems that the little brother Brin who just came back from the outside immediately greeted him. What are you doing these days? Qin Lun took the panel-shaped projection caller and asked a random question while checking the message. I I'm in business! "Didi said cautiously, shaking her pointed ears and stirring her fingers." Oh, business.. Ah? Doing business? Qin Lun looked back curiously. Yes, master, I earned some living expenses with the city points and broken crystals you left behind! Didi fluttered his big eyes and handed his servant's identity card to Qin Lun to check. Not bad, not bad! Qin Lun looked at the 12 city points on the identity card and nearly 2000 broken crystals, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. He gave Didi a total of 10 city points and about 2000 broken crystals as living expenses, but the two of them also lived in the Devil's Horn for nearly 20 days. If this part of the cost of living is added, the little goblin seems to earn nearly 5 city points and 1000 broken crystals, which is almost 50% of the profit. Chapter 43 message After listening to Didi's plan to make money, Qin Lun immediately understood. The little guy is using the auction to earn the difference. He gave Didi 2000 broken crystals to say more or less. He can buy some low-grade recovery food. These recovery foods are not exchanged by the apostles from the exchange list of the broken stars. Even if the recovery items exchanged by the apostles are surplus, they will not be sold. Anyway, they will always be used. The recovered items in the auction are the local products produced by various intelligent races, such as the World Tree Flower Dew of the Elves,fake ficus tree, the Water of the Blood Pool of the Demons, etc. These things are the main products of the great intelligent races in the city of the apostles in exchange for the currency of the apostles. However, the price of such things in the auction house always fluctuates. Didi takes advantage of the price difference between time periods to earn a very small difference.