Be reincarnated as a fox

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And when he said that. The girls turned their heads in unison to look in the direction of his exit.

And when he said that. The girls turned their heads in unison to look in the direction of his exit. By this time, Yang Nan had reached the door. As soon as he came out, a golden light enveloped him. He was dressed in blue, like a pine on the peak. Like an island in the sea. Indescribably far away and tall. Tens of thousands of people's sight, from the moment he appeared. Just stare at him. Staring at him everywhere without blinking. Standing in the middle of the girl in black, the girl in red also looked at Yang Nan with a face of surprise and longing. Sure enough, it is a character who can't help breaking people's hearts! She thought to herself, "Everyone says that Yang Nan has a kind of temperament that makes all the powerful women in the world want to trample him under their feet and ravage him.". I used to be dismissive, but now I know that there is such a man in the world. Just standing there, he attracted everyone's attention, he wore the most ordinary clothes, but people feel that luxury is far better than princes! After all, Yang Nan is a weather-beaten figure, so many eyes looking at him, he not only does not show panic, but is still calm and lazy. His eyes swept to the crowd, so at the same time, almost everyone, there is a feeling that he is looking at me. Yang Nan swept around and looked at the growing crowd of onlookers. Lazy said: "Well, everyone, you shout also shout, see also see.". Yang Nan is like this. Nose and mouth are not in the wrong place. Now, would you like to break up? Many people laughed when they heard what he said. At that moment,silk cherry blossom tree, many people moved back to make way for him. Just then, a female voice screamed, "Not enough!"! Not enough, Yang Nan, if you take off your clothes and show them to us, everyone will let you go right away! Before she had finished speaking, Yang Nan immediately turned to look at her! Eyes such as lightning, fierce and incomparable staring at her! Countless people followed his eyes and looked back. Then,outdoor ficus tree, a group of people in the middle slowly dispersed, leaving only a short and fat woman standing in the local area. Under Yang Nan's gaze, she could no longer stand. Knees went limp and he fell to his knees! Although the people around did not bear this look positively, but, I do not know why, all people at this moment, all give birth to a feeling of self-shame. At the moment, the crowd is slowly increasing, and the rules are standing on both sides. The girl in red was even more surprised, she never thought that a person, only by the eyes, can make everyone involuntarily yield to him. By this time, Yang Nan had walked to their side and said slowly, "Let's go." The tone is very light. The girl in red was stupefied, and then she came to her senses. Pointing to a carriage, she said, silk ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, "Please get in!" Yang Nan nodded and climbed into the carriage. Then the curtain was drawn and the carriage started. Silence! Until the carriage of Yang Nan and others went away, the crowd followed. Li Qisi came out of the restaurant, still in shock. Clapping his chest, Li Qi said, "a lot of people!"! That's terrible! Like I'm going to swallow you. Or Yang eldest brother is fierce, such an occasion can also be dealt with calmly! At this time, more than a dozen people came out of the restaurant. It's the owner of the restaurant, guys. They also stood beside Li Qi, sighing at the direction of Yang Nan's departure, and proudly said: "Now, we are famous for our" Spring Full Garden "!"! The whole world knows that Yang Nan Yang's son once lived here. Li Qi four people flat flat mouth, did not pay attention to them, lift a step to walk. At this moment, that boss just cries hastily: "Hey!"! Don't walk so fast! So Childe, you are also with Yang Childe, can you put in a good word? The four of them heard the loud shouts coming from behind, looked at each other again, and quickened their pace. Volume II Chapter 49 Four Childs Yang Nan's carriage went all the way to the Phoenix Terrace. The carriage that picked up the four sons set out at the same time. In this way, it is conducive to reducing pressure. Yang Nan sat bored in the carriage, he could see that there was still a sea of people outside, and all kinds of comments about himself were endless. With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. After watching it for a while, he got a little bored. Yang Nan yawned, propped his head in one hand, and dozed off. After a while, the Phoenix Terrace arrived. The girl in red drew back the curtain of the car. Seeing Yang Nan like this, he was stunned again. Passed a little while to just say: "Yang Childe, arrived!" As soon as she shouted, Yang Nan opened his eyes. He glanced up at the girl and saw her blush again. Can not help laughing, also do not want that girl to help each other, so jumped down. As soon as he landed, the crowd cheered again: "Yang Nan!"! Yang Nan! Only then did he realize that there were people all around, all of whom were staring at him with their eyes wide open. Many people jumped and shouted his name. At the same time, Yang Nan listens, seems to be not far away, also heard a burst of shouts, and then listen, the voice is: "Leng Yu!"! Leng Yu! "Murong yuan!" "Lin Si-" He grinned, showing his snow-white teeth, and thought to himself, "So the four of us came together." At this time, the girl in red stretched out her hand and motioned him to hold her hand. Facing Yang Nan's puzzled eyes, the girl in red said, "Mr. Yang, the Phoenix Terrace is here.". Let me lead you up. Yang Nan looked at her 1.60 meters, small and exquisite figure, and then looked at himself. Thought: "We are so much different in height, if I really put out my hand, let you hold.". Isn't that too funny? Yang Nan turned to the direction of Phoenix Terrace. This look, is a surprise! This place is actually quite similar to the Forbidden City. Wide and boundless terrace, countless steps. And a high platform far out in that sun. It looks magnificent and very spectacular. However,faux grass wall, although the outside is grand, there is only one building, which is octagonal. There are three huge houses with the words "Phoenix Terrace".