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"Thanks to the Phantom." His voice was like a string that was inadvertently plucked by the wind,

"Thanks to the Phantom." His voice was like a string that was inadvertently plucked by the wind, ethereal but deep. [Unfeeling President's Divorced Wife Volume: Chapter 21 Tunnel Distress] "Well," McGrady sighed, "all I could think about was how to find out where you were trading, so that I could get all the money in one fell swoop, but I forgot to watch out for the Phantom behind the scenes." Dell's silver eyes rose slightly. "The Phantom is indeed a brilliant hider and mastermind. Ignoring the existence of the Phantom is your biggest mistake. However, you will not have another chance to remember this mistake." "When I took this task, I had the consciousness of death." McGrady said with a calm smile, "The Phantom really has a unique insight. He chose you, the most insignificant and sickly person in the Dinio family at that time, instead of your brother, which shows the foresight of the Phantom." Put down the handkerchief in his hand, three fingers holding his cheeks on the armrest, and a smile oozed from his lips like fresh water, but McGrady thought it was the devil's smile. The Phantom and I are just asking for what we need. McGrady also smiled silently,silk ficus tree, but the smile was very weak. "The Phantom helped you win the position of the leader of the Dinio family, and then with the help of the Dinio family's power in Central Asia, unified the arms black market in Central Asia. It's a good cooperation between the two sides." "Well, there is no denying that the Phantom is a terrible but visionary man." Dell's handsome face was still as white as frost and snow in the reddish light, and there was a cold smell of death. McGrady has felt the passing of his life. "Cough, cough,silk olive tree, cough.." You You're not the kind of person who is always controlled by anyone, are you? But Dell's answer was beyond his expectation. "No, I don't know the intention behind what the Phantom has done for so many years, but I can clearly feel that the Phantom will never be an obstacle in my way, but will be the most powerful partner." McGrady was stunned. "No wonder." You are so ambitious. Will do this to the Phantom. Obedience comes from.. In terms of interests.. No conflict. His breathing became more and more rapid, and although every breath made him miserable, the feeling of suffocation without breathing was even more terrible. This time.. The deal is also.. It's also the Phantom. It was planned by myself. Dell lowered his hand on his chin and lowered his eyes slightly to look at the man sitting by the wall. The dim light and the faint shadow of his eyelashes made his silver eyes more silvery. "Well." "Can you tell me.." Where was the transaction completed? Dell chuckled. "Just going around in circles." McGrady was shocked. "How is that possible? I was there." "That's where the Phantom comes in." Dell seemed a little tired and leaned back gently. "Do you remember the moving container?" McGrady was shocked. "The Phantom is so bold.." "I asked Mellon to tie red silk to the front of the container after inspecting the goods, so I knew it was time to pay." You.. The elder brother also came, as expected is to fight the tiger blood brother, again big grudges in front of the outsider or will be the brothers of one mind. McGrady sighed heavily. "Then how did you pay for it?" Dell stood up slowly and flicked his sleeve with his long fingers. "It was in that little shop that I asked Carl to pay the boss where the money was deposited." When his silver eyes swept over McGrady again, the intention of killing had made his silver eyes scarlet. "So you should die to understand." McGrady wanted to laugh, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,large palm trees for sale, but he was too angry to laugh any more. "The Phantom deliberately said a few places for you to disperse people, because you didn't know that there were ghosts in that part of the people, and after the soldiers were divided into several routes, the police could not transfer the extra police force in a short time.." All of them are monitored, so wherever the police appear, the mole is there. Cough, cough. High. It's really high. He slowly turned to the blood-stained man lying not far away, "This man is the undercover agent of the Phantom, I didn't expect you to join hands." Clean house. ” Dell gave him a faint look. "No, I knew it was you when you sent the men out. You sent the message in Morse code. I didn't expect the police to have such an old method. However, there is no denying that it is very effective." He threw his handkerchief, which was as white as his face, on the ground and left with a bloodthirsty cold wind, leaving death raging. — I — Yes — Divide — Cut — Line — In the skyscraper, a cool and gorgeous woman was lying lazily on the sofa, with one hand on the side of her head and the remote control in her hand, watching the news on TV indifferently. In the picture, the two people carried out on the stretcher were already stained with blood red. The reporter explained, "According to HK police and Interpol Asia officials, they are HK police Li Mingshen and Interpol McGrady respectively.". Smith He has died an honorable death in the line of duty.. There was a slight knock on the door. The woman turned off the TV and sat up to tidy up her clothes. "Please come in." Rigorous secretary came in, "Lawyer Zhuo, President Li's secretary has called, the appointment time is three o'clock, so I have prepared the relevant documents and materials, Xiao Zhao has gone first, waiting for you over there." Zhuo Jieqing fiddled with her long hair, which was a little messy, and answered lightly, "Well, I know." The secretary took the coat for her to put on, today a pure white suit, let her reddish long hair more charming, and white also let her cold and indifferent temperament more cold. She pulled up her long hair in a bun, showing her ability and shrewdness, picked up her briefcase and strode out of the office. The lights in the tunnel are always dim compared with the bright sun outside. Zhuo Jieqing looked at the black Toyota and BMW that had been following closely in the rearview mirror,fake blossom tree, the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, and the slowly increasing number of cars slowly surrounded her, and she was aware of it.