Xiao Shiyilang

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"If you don't have three hands," said Feng Siniang, "

"If you don't have three hands," said Feng Siniang, "why is the hand that was poisoned just now missing?" "If I couldn't stand a little poison," said Xinxin, "even if I had thirty hands, they would all be gone by now." "Is that just a little poison?" Asked Feng Sijuan. "Very little," said Xinxin. "But you just.." said Feng Siniang. "I just wanted Siniang to know what kind of person that monster was," said Xinxin. Feng Siniang stared at her for a long time and said, "Did I say just now that you must be able to find a suitable husband?" "Yes," said Xinxin. Feng Siniang sighed again and said, "Now I'm really a little worried about your ideal husband. How can a man stand a wife like you?" The house is exquisitely and magnificently furnished. Feng Siniang looked around and couldn't help asking, "How did I get here?" "We carried you here," said Xinxin. "Did you carry me here?" Asked Feng Siniang. "You've just died once," said Xinxin. Feng Siniang blinked and said, "How did I die?" "The suit I sent was poisoned," said Xinxin. "Can you even poison your clothes?" Asked Feng Siniang. "Others can't," said Xinxin. "Flowers can." "Why did he poison me?" Asked Feng Siniang. Xinxin chuckled and said, "Because he is afraid that others will tear you into several pieces." Feng Siniang said with a wry smile, "a lot of people came to rob me just now." "But as soon as you die," said Xinxin, "those people won't even dare to touch you." "So you carried me back," said Feng Siji. Xinxin said softly, "We will take care of you whether you are dead or alive." "Can you even save the dead?" Asked Feng Siniang. "No one else can, but the playboy can,interactive whiteboards in the classroom," said Xinxin. "Feng Si Niang Si Tong," it seems that your playboy is really a great heart. He sighed and said, "To tell you the truth, I really have never seen a greater person than him." "Why don't you let me see him?" Asked Feng Siniang, with her eyes streaming. Xinxin said with a smile, "Even if I don't want you to see him, he won't agree." "Someone outside the curtain of beads said," Sir, if Siniang has woken up,smart interactive whiteboard, please come to the vestibule to drink. The vestibule was more magnificent, and it looked like a world made of brocade. The table was full of food and wine. Xinxin said, "I prepared the food today." There are fat chicken roast duck, cloud slice tofu, bird's nest smoked chicken shreds, silk steel roast chicken, fat chicken smoked stewed cabbage, three fresh balls, deer tendon stew, steamed duck paste pork, fried chicken, bird's nest duck strips, fresh shrimp balls, duck kidney, sea cucumber, plus radish sauce with chicken mud, fried wings with shredded meat, interactive panel board ,interactive touch screens education, sauced duck, pickled vegetables fried wild rice stem, four dishes with wine. There are also pheasant Yang Yipin, Suyou Eggplant Yipin, Japonica Rice Yipin, Bamboo Roll Small Head Yipin and Bee Cake Yipin. Before she had finished speaking, Feng Siniang was stunned. Xinxin added, "I prepared this dish according to the menu of the imperial kitchen. I don't know if it's enough." "Don't you know if you have enough to eat?" Asked Feng Siniang. "Yes," said Xinxin. "Who do you think I am?" Said Feng Siniang? Is it Maitreya Buddha with a big belly? Xinxin smiled and said, "I just know you must be very hungry." Feng Siniang sighed and said with a wry smile, "I was really hungry, but I don't want to eat so many chickens, ducks, fish and meat. Even if I look at them, I'm full." As soon as she sat down, she saw a man come in, lifting the beaded curtain. Even Feng Siniang had never seen such a good-looking man, and she had seen a lot of men. Hua Ruyu bowed to her with a smile, but suddenly frowned and said, "Who prepared today's Lai?" "It's me," said Xinxin. Hua Ruyu breathed a sigh of relief and said, "You are really a boor. You have piled so many chickens, ducks, fish and meat on the table. Don't say that even if you eat them, you will be full." Feng Siniang couldn't help laughing and said, "I didn't expect the playboy to be Feng Siniang's confidant." Hua Ruyu said, "If you can have a pink bosom friend like Si Niang, Hua Ruyu will die without shaking.". "" You won't die, "said Feng Siniang." You can even save the dead. How could you die yourself? " Hua Ruyu sighed, "It seems that you are talkative again." "But she hasn't told me what this place is," said Feng Siyin. "" Where did Si Niang come from? "Asked Hua Ruyu with a smile. "Ruanshi Mountain," said Feng Siniang. "This is Luanshi Mountain," said Hua Ruyu. Feng Siniang rolled her eyes and said, "Is there such a beautiful place in Luanshi Mountain?" "The place was not beautiful," said Xinxin, "but when our son came, he became beautiful." Hua Ruyu smiled and said, "I just never want to abuse myself." Feng Siniang smiled again and said, "It seems that you are not only my confidant, but also my colleague." "As long as Siniang doesn't see me as one of the Golden Bodhisattvas, I'll be satisfied," said Hua Ruyu. Feng Siniang stared at him. After a long time, she said slowly, "Aren't you one of them?" Hua Ruyu said with a smile, "The Golden Bodhisattva only wants to make money. The superior man and Li Qingfeng only want to kill people. Does Si Niang think I look like a person who kills people for money?" Feng Siniang said with a smile, "You don't look like me, but whose money are they trying to make and whose lives are they trying to kill?" "Xiao Shiyilang, of course," said Hua Ruyu, "Xiao Shiyilang." "Are you here for Xiao Shiyilang?" Asked Feng Siniang. "No," said Hua Ruwu. "Really?" Asked Feng Siniang. Hua Ruyu said with a smile, "Don't say there is only one Xiao Shiyilang. Even if there are ten Xiao Shiyilang, they can't move me. They want me to come to such a poor place." "What moved you?" Asked Feng Siniang. "Alone?" Asked Hua Ruyu. "Who?" Asked Feng Siniang. "You,smart board interactive whiteboard," said Hua Ruyu. Feng Siniang smiled again and said, "I like to hear men lie. Lies always make people feel comfortable." But Hua Ruyu sighed and said, "It's a pity that I'm not lying this time." "Oh?" Asked Feng Siniang. 。 hsdsmartboard.com