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Ren Shijia had been staying at her mother's home for two months this time.

Ren Shijia had been staying at her mother's home for two months this time. At first, the Lin family sent someone to pick her up several times. Later, when Ren Shijia decided not to go back, Mrs. Lin sent a Mammy to visit her every few days to send some medicinal herbs and supplements. "Mammy Rong hurried forward to pay her respects to Mrs. Ren and Ren Shijia." I heard you came in the afternoon, and I just fell asleep. I just woke up and heard about it, and I was about to ask someone to bring you over, but Jia'er just had something to come to me. Old Mrs. Ren sat back on the Kang and spoke kindly to Mammy Rong. Mammy Rong said with concern, "As soon as the maidservant came, I heard that you were ill. I was very anxious.". Old lady, you should pay attention to your health first. You can still enjoy the good fortune of your children and grandchildren. The old lady sighed, "What kind of happiness do you enjoy? Children are in debt. Children are in debt. They all come to collect debts.". If they don't get angry with me one by one, I will be satisfied. As soon as Mammy Rong heard this, she thought that Mrs. Ren might be talking about Lin's trouble and was thinking about how to answer it. But Mrs. Ren pointed to Ren Shijia and said, "I am already in charge of everything at your age. I have to take care of everything in the Ren family, big and small.". You have been married to the Lin family for so many years, but you have not made any progress at all. Even this little thing has come to me. Speaking of it, it is still lack of experience and experience. Only then did Mammy Rong realize that Mrs. Ren was talking about Ren Shijia. "Old lady,12v High Torque Motor," he said, "you have wronged our Sixth Young Lady. To be fair to the old slave, who in our Lin family doesn't praise her when she sees her? Our old lady looked at her like an eyeball. When Mrs. Ren heard this, she nodded, "That's the truth. She was spoiled and raised by me at her mother's home. When she married into the Lin family, she was also raised by her husband's family as a girl. No wonder she didn't make any progress!"! Tomorrow I'll have to beg your old lady to put you out! When Mammy Rong heard this, her heart moved and she thought,Micro Gear Motor, "What does Mrs. Ren's words imply?"? She couldn't help looking up at Mrs. Ren, but saw that she was still teaching Ren Shijia a lesson in a low voice. She also said, "You can pick the two maids just now. I think they are all good.". I don't wronged my son-in-law. Now I am still alive, you can still let you hit me, if I am not here that day, what should you do? How many times have I told you, don't rely on the favor of your elders and be arrogant. You should make up your own mind. In front of Mammy Rong, Mrs. Ren taught Ren Shijia a lesson and did not save face for her. Ren Shijia only lowered her head and did not speak, as if she was a little embarrassed. When Mrs. Ren had almost finished teaching her a lesson, Mammy Rong, who was listening in amazement, asked carefully, micro gear motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, "Did the old lady pick out two maids for the sixth young lady?" "You're not an outsider," said Mrs. Ren in a faint voice, "and I don't speak two languages. "Jia'er was picking up a maid for our son-in-law, and she didn't have a suitable one around her, so she came to her mother's house." Rong Mammy is stupefied, look to Ren Shijia again, feel a little incomprehensible. The Sixth Young Mistress had been empty for so many years, but she had not said that she would arrange for the Sixth Young Master to take a concubine. Now pregnant is about to give birth, how can you want to find a room for the sixth young master? And begged his mother to come here? Mammy Rong hesitated to speak. She wanted to ask, but because of her status, she couldn't ask. Old Mrs. Ren said, "I used to think that I was young and everything was in no hurry.". There is no hurry now. On this point, Jia'er has not failed to live up to our teachings. Now that she has married into her husband's family, she should put her husband's family first in everything. There was a hint of pride in Mrs. Ren's tone. When Mammy Rong heard this, she was beating a drum in her heart. Although Mrs. Ren had been talking about Ren Shijia, people couldn't help guessing whether she was shooting at Lin Shi. Ren Shijia was pregnant and arranged a house for her husband, but Lin Shi attacked her son-in-law because of a confused account outside, and went back to her mother's home in a fit of pique. But isn't the reason why Ren Shijia went back to her mother's home at the beginning because the sixth young master flirted with her servant girl behind her back? Why did you change sex after going back to your mother's home? Could it be that the old lady was still hinting that her daughter was not sensible because she was not taught well by her mother? Want her to go back and persuade the first wife to teach the young lady to be more generous? Mammy Rong really couldn't figure out what the old lady meant, and she couldn't help feeling a little nervous. Originally also thought that because of six little madam's reason, Ren old lady to Kang Shi's matter perhaps will have the opportunity to turn around. Today, however, Mrs. Ren's attitude is to support her daughter to find a house for her son-in-law and open up branches and leaves. If the Lin family is still blindly protecting the Lin family, is it too overbearing and unreasonable? It was already a sweat on Mammy Rong's forehead to think so. Old Mrs. Ren had been teaching her daughter a lesson, and Mammy Rong had no chance to ask about Lin, and it was not easy to ask now. Naturally, she also felt that Mrs. Ren's attitude was somewhat strange. But she couldn't say why. Just thinking, I still have to hurry back to tell the first wife all this, with the first wife's wisdom must be able to understand what the old lady is selling in the gourd. Until Mrs. Ren yawned, Ren Shijia asked her if she was tired, and Mammy Rong knew that she had to retire, although she did not say anything. When Mammy Rong withdrew from Mrs. Ren's room, she shook her head and sighed. Mrs. Lin used to worry about her daughter, and she thought that the first wife was too spoiled to let her go. Now look, the first wife is right. How good is the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? After all, they are not mother and daughter. In this world, only parents, not parents-in-law, can really plan for their daughters. Mammy Rong left in a hurry early the next morning, and did not even go to see Kang. Originally she wanted to explore the bottom of the outer room that suddenly appeared, but now she felt that the attitude of the old lady of the Ren family was even more important. After Mammy Rong went back,Gear Reduction Motor, she did not come again for the time being, but every few days the Lin family would send someone to send some tonic to Ren Shijia or Mrs. Ren. Mrs. Ren also sent several people to pick up Lin Shi, but Lin Shi still refused to come back. But the fifth master unexpectedly did not go to Yunyang City to pick up people since the fifth wife left.