First Master

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At this time, the moon soul guild has killed the life value of the demon boss to only 2 million,

At this time, the moon soul guild has killed the life value of the demon boss to only 2 million, and see that there is hope of victory if you hold on for a while, but when the 20-minute time limit is up, the boss becomes violent again and enters an invincible state against the sky. There is no doubt that the moon soul guild will be completely destroyed in half a minute! The president of the Demon Guild weighed again and again, and felt that the strength of his guild was almost the same as that of the Moon Soul Guild. Since the Moon Soul Guild could not play this boss, they could not play either, so he gritted his teeth and gave up the chance to play. While taking the team back to watch the battle, he sent someone to inform the temple. You don't play? "Cold light to people after nodding, in the command channel to inform all ready.". All of a sudden, the men of each team were busy adding various buffs to their teammates, and the light of the spells rose and fell one after another, interweaving together looked spectacular and gorgeous, and then they drank potions and tore scrolls, and were busy for nearly a minute before they were completely ready, and the cold light made the regimental commanders check whether the buffs were in place. Especially the priest's shadow protection skills, is not everyone added, then ordered again: "put all the pets away, the course of the battle is not allowed to summon, blood, start!"! First and second regiments, keep up. The third regiment is waiting two hundred yards away from the boss. After receiving the order, Qin Shuixue was in high spirits,65 inch touch screen, slanting his half-man-high sword and rushing to the boss, followed by his full-time treatment, because the boss is a world-class, high-level damage is also high, and the battle lasts for 20 minutes, so he is a very luxurious person to enjoy the treatment of four full-time treatment, two of whom are priests. Two are paladins. Just as the rest of the first and second regiments rushed up, the voice of the cold light rang again in the command channel: "mt stands alone facing the boss, and all the others stand behind the boss,75 smart board, next to the priest in your team!" Because the boss's melee attack is a long straight line, so the guilds that previously played boss, in order to avoid other combatants outside mt suffering from boss's melee attack, divided the team into two groups, one group stood on the left side of boss, the other group stood on the right side of boss, and the temple people were supposed to continue this way of standing. I don't want the order given by the cold light to let them stand behind the boss. They were all stunned for a moment. However, the players in the temple are all at the level of great gods. They understand the meaning of cold light as soon as they think about it. Anyway, boss's attacks are only divided into two categories, one is melee physical attacks, and the other is long-range spell attacks. The former boss needs to face the target when launching, while the latter will be hit no matter where the player stands, so the safest place to stand is naturally behind the boss. So long as the mt hatred pulls steadily, does not give the boss to turn around attacks other people's opportunity, then other people only need to deal with boss's spell attack. You don't have to worry about the boss's physical attack. Temple people's discipline is very high, pondering before understanding the intention of the cold light, smartboard for business ,4k smart board, has been in accordance with his orders to stand, so see Qinshui blood a person standing alone in front of the boss to parry the boss's attack, the others are crowded into a dark, standing behind the boss. In this way, the contrast is too obvious! Qinshui blood immediately became the focus of attention! He looked up at the huge body. Boss, look down at yourself who is as small as an ant. There was a lingering shadow in my heart, and I felt that the disparity in stature was too great, even though I knew it was impossible. But he still gave birth to an illusion that he would be stamped to death by the boss. He could not help swallowing hard and scolding secretly: "Depend on!" Who the hell designed the boss to be so big? Make him go As soon as the boss stands in front of him, his charm disappears. No momentum at all! When the long mt, playing more boss, pull hatred has become an instinctive reaction of Qinshui blood, action did not delay half a minute, soon the boss's hatred steadily pulled, others also slowly strengthened the firepower, efforts to attack. The boss a shun chop, hit the body of Qinshui blood, can take away more than 4000 points of his life value, this value of the damage to the legal profession on the body, is very fatal, but on the life value has already been more than ten thousand Qinshui blood body, of course, he can withstand, cold light looked for a moment, found that the hatred of the boss is very concentrated, and constantly ordered to strengthen the DPS. In the end, all the people had already output with all their strength, and there was no phenomenon of ot, and they could not help but secretly rejoice. As long as the full output, then there is hope in 20 minutes to kill the boss! Because of the lessons learned from other people's failures, they just pulled the boss's starting stage, they played very steadily, in addition to mt Qinshui blood, the others did not suffer the slightest attack, of course, this situation can not continue, otherwise there would not have been so many guilds washed by the boss before, so a minute later. The demon boss's signature skill, Shadow Arrow, appeared. Countless black gas circled into arrows, scattered in all directions, so dense that there was no way to escape. However, because all the people in the temple have been blessed with shadow protection, this spell, which could have done 2000 + damage, hit the temple player, but only burst out about 1800 damage values, with cold light as early as when watching other guilds play boss, it has already calculated the time interval between the appearance of the shadow arrow. Three seconds ahead of time ordered the team priest to use group healing, so in a piece of damage value floating at the same time, the light of healing also suddenly burst, looking at the bright red of blood from a distance was suddenly broken through by the blazing holy light,touch screen interactive whiteboard, as if the rising sun was pressing the clouds, the scene was spectacular and dazzling, which attracted the players who watched the battle all around. I wish I could rush up and join the battle.