There are only ministers in the world

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Lin Kui stood in silence for a long time before he turned to look at her.

Lin Kui stood in silence for a long time before he turned to look at her. A smile slowly crept up on his pale cheeks. His voice was bitter, but every word was clear: "Do you really want to stay?" "Yes." Lin Kui nodded his head and walked sadly toward the door. When his hand touched the door, he whispered, "Someone once said that my courage was not worth a penny. Now it seems that it is true." Then he went out with a wry smile. The heavy footsteps were fading away. Li Fu poked his head in and asked hesitantly, ".." Your Majesty, are you all right? Xiao Jin, he.. Wake up. 2 021 Back to Korea When Bai Shaoqing heard this, he immediately put down the trouble he had just had and followed him to the inner room. However, Yue Chongjin only woke up for a while and did not open his eyes. He just murmured something in his mouth. After a while, he fell asleep again. Bai Shaoqing was waiting beside him, but he was even more confused because of the matter of Lin. Lin Kui hung his head and walked back to the Imperial Medical Hall where he lived. The boy on one side was staring at the medicine stove. When he came in, he quickly got up and saluted. He was not conscious either. He just went back to the small house behind the medical hall alone and was in a trance. Just then, a cold hum came from the inner room with the curtain hanging down: "You are getting bolder and bolder." Lin Kui turned his head like an electric shock, but he couldn't take a step. He had to murmur, "Master." "That's the only way you can get her to leave?" "It happened suddenly." I "Well, you can go back to Chu tomorrow." "Why?" Asked Lin Su. As he spoke, he ran out and lifted the curtain, but the room was empty. As he looked around, the voice turned out of the window: "Take care of your selfishness. It won't happen again." Lin Su said anxiously,Porcelain Marble Slabs, "It was he who suddenly changed the amount of medicine he took, which hindered Shifu's plan, so I had to find another way to let her leave.." "Shut up!" It was as low as a whisper, but the tone was still dense. "She's not the one you can move, at least." Before you become the king of Chu, no! Take care of yourself and don't force me to abandon your son. Lin Su froze in place, exhaled and nodded "yes",Slate Wall Panel, and the surroundings returned to peace, as if the man had never been here before. He stood in place for a long time and began to mechanize the work of sorting out the medicines on the table. Coming down the next morning, Bai Shaoqing saw Li Fu waiting outside the palace in the distance. "Did something happen to him?" He asked. But Li Fu shook his head and said, "He's fine. It's Dr. Lin who's gone. He left the medicine and left without saying anything." Bai Shaoqing was stupefied. Remembering his strange behavior yesterday, he blushed slightly on his face and asked Li Fu about the medicine he had left. Knowing that he had arranged everything properly, he could not help but feel slightly sorry. He was in a daze when he heard Li Fu cough lightly. The footsteps behind him were approaching. She looked back calmly and saw that it was the Duke of Zhu. She laughed and said, "Uncle." Zhu Guogong said with a smile, "You can't call me that next time. In private, you can only call me that when we are two. Remember?" Bai Shaoqing nodded his head, and Zhu Guogong said with a loving smile, "Have you heard the report today? Your Uncle Liu is going back to the court. He has been defending his family and country for many years. On this trip, he must be very happy to learn that you have been lost and returned." Look at her eyes confused, busy explain: "Liu Chengyuan ah.". You probably don't remember either. It's all right. I'll have someone send some files to your palace later and have a look. Bai Shaoqing nodded with a smile and agreed. In fact, Agate Stone Price ,white marble slabs, Liu Chengyuan had already seen the man's name on the file. Like Zhu Guogong, he was also a veteran of three Dynasties. He was a tough general trained by Wu Huihou. He followed Hui for many years. The famous Iron Army of Yueguo was from this man's hand, and because he and Zhu Guogong were in-laws, he always had a good friendship. Bai Shaoqing back to the palace, first went to see the heavy brocade, listen to Li Fu in detail about his situation today, to make sure that his condition has no symptoms of deterioration, this is relieved to go back to the palace to see the day's file memorial. In the twinkling of an eye more than two months, she has read all the royal files including the first emperor of the country since the founding of the country. While she knows more about the officials of the country, she has never found any clues about the "uncle" Xuanshenzi of Yuezhongjin. Yue Chongjin's father was the second child. He died of illness when Chongjin was eight years old. The eldest died in the struggle to seize the throne that year, while the old March Nanxiang died newly. Of these three people, the only possibility is that there are very few records on the file of the eldest, that is, the prince Yuefengxi. He died of illness when he was seventeen years old. As soon as he died, Yue Chongjin's father, Yue Fengyin, who was fifteen years old at that time, was made crown prince. Yue Fengxi's death was very sudden and "died of sudden illness"! The death was so strange that it was suspected of being plotted to seize the crown prince. Therefore, it is said that this person is hiding his name to plot revenge in the future, but also in the past, the only flaw is that if Feng Xi is really alive this month, the biggest should be only nearly fifty, is not the appearance of Xuanshen son crane hair and child face. But there is no element of transfiguration, since Bai Shaoqing saw Li Fu and Lin Kui's means of transfiguration, but also feel that this is the only possibility. However, if Xuan Shenzi is really Yue Fengxi, then why doesn't he take revenge when Yue Fengyin is alive or Wu Huihou is alive? Isn't it better to kill the enemy in that way, but to wait until the moon comes to the top? What's more, Bai Shaoqing thought of the old story that Qi Yunkai said that day, the old Taoist who appeared outside the ancestral temple of the Chu Emperor to deceive the public, leading to the tragic end of their Bai family, why on earth did he say that? Bai Shaoqing only feel confused, now the heavy brocade condition is unstable, she can not leave, since Lin Kui left medicine and explained the fact that he will gradually improve, she also decided to recover slowly, has been pretending to be silly, after all is not a long-term solution. Only when you recover slowly, you can do your best to help and make yourself feel at ease before you recover. So after ten days or so, Liu Chengyuan finally returned to Beijing. This day early in the morning, it is obvious that some different from the usual atmosphere, everyone is a little elated, although Liu Chengyuan is not triumphant but just appeal to the capital,Granite Slab Supplier, but the princes still have a lot of joy, it seems that this person is very prestigious in the court, Bai Shaoqing was also a little nervous.