Nebula Story "Tanbi Mecha"

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The trees are lush, and the flowers and plants on the roadside are beginning to sprout and turn green.

The trees are lush, and the flowers and plants on the roadside are beginning to sprout and turn green. The little sunflower hibiscus, which was the first to feel the spring, has already begun to bud, revealing a shallow yellow in the small flower bed of the Biochemical Research Institute, which is quite gratifying. Facing the rising sun, he opened the door of his research room. Colleagues haven't come to work yet, and the neat laboratory is quiet. Yawning, he sat alone in front of the test bed. He suddenly frowned as his eyes flitted blankly around the corner. In the iron cage where the dozen or so mice were originally placed, another batch was replaced. Obviously, the fur is shiny, the expression is lively, and the posture is much more flexible than those before. He ran around the cage alive and kicking, and his small black eyes were full of cunning. Confused to go over to observe for a while, Bi Rong finally determined that this is not the previous idiot mice. But Where did those go? It was not until he went to work that his colleagues pushed the door and came in one after another that he found Xiao Cui, who managed the experimental animals. Oh, you ask the dementia mice? Xiao Cui, an assistant experimenter who had just graduated for less than a year,Inflatable water park factory, tidied up the test tube rack while picking up some rat food and throwing it into the cage. "It was taken to be treated humanely." "What?" Bi Rong was stunned. "I'm still observing this group of mice. Why did you deal with it without my consent?" "What?" Xiao Cui asked hurriedly? Isn't it already past the observation period? I checked the observation log and asked the director, but he didn't say to keep it in particular! Staring at him in silence, Bi Rong was a little angry: "This is my private project, of course, the project period is decided by me-I did not say that the project is over, how can you be so casual?" Seeing that he looked unhappy, Xiao Cui was startled,Inflatable meltdown, and his young face was about to cry: "Sorry, I shouldn't have made such a decision. At least I should have waited for you to come back and ask-I thought it was the same procedure. Last week, the whole laboratory concentrated on dealing with these animals, so.." Staring at him angrily for a long time, Bi Rong sighed helplessly. In fact, this project has really lost the meaning of continuing to observe. The mice whose brains have been damaged by biological agents have been in a stable state. They have changed several batches over the years, but they all have the same results. Day after day of observation, sampling and analysis, there is nothing new. But he himself, has been a little unrealistic hope and unwilling to it, always vaguely in the heart of what happened to expect a miracle. Xiao Cui, the experimenter, breathed a sigh of relief as he began his research in frustration and silence. Fortunately, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable indoor park, researcher Bi did not continue to pursue it. It was because he was really careless. Next time, he must remember to confirm one by one before doing anything. But.. Those white mice really wasted too much food, and the management was very annoying. It was really a happy thing to dispose of them according to the regulations this time. Remembering the situation of taking care of these mice by himself a few days ago, Xiao Cui sighed with a headache. Somehow, he clearly remembered that when he got off work, he would check the latch outside the cage, but when he got up early in the morning for several days, he found that there were several mice running around in the laboratory, not only knocking down some test tubes, but also almost knocking over some dangerous reagents! God just knows, these white mice are how inexplicably ran out of the cage, will not open the door of the cage? The day in the Institute passed quietly, but quickly. The researchers left work one after another, and the building gradually quieted down. In the corridor, except for the glimmer of green light from the emergency lights, it was gray. Night fell, and boundless silence pervaded all around. Suddenly, there was a faint sound in the corridor. A few pairs of bright eyes like small black beans flashed cunningly in the night, hidden in the corner of the trash can, first looked around for a while, then carefully jumped out. Soon, those bright little eyes darted to the top of the stairs and swished up the fire hydrant to the window edge of the vent. Orderly and orderly, their chubby bodies filed down the air conditioning pipes outside the floor and disappeared silently into the empty night. …… Spring and summer alternate, and the days pass by day by day. More than two years have passed in the blink of an eye on the planet Gotha and the planet Rensselaer, which have the same change of time. The shadow of the interstellar war has been completely eliminated, and the prosperity before the war has been restored everywhere. The battlefield was not at home, and even though countless blood and soldiers' lives were left on Fisher's star in the sky, Rensselaer in the rear area did not suffer much actual impact after all. Not only can we not see the devastation, but some special industries necessary for post-war reconstruction have even received more unprecedented orders and opportunities. The newly enthroned young emperor thoroughly showed a ruling style that was not similar to that of the gentle and open-minded former emperor. With the opportunity of post-war reconstruction, some vigorous and popular reform measures began to be implemented in the empire without discount. Having seen with his own eyes the iron-blooded style of the new emperor, who was less than thirty years old, at the front, these reform measures unexpectedly did not meet with too much resistance from the imperial elite. At present, as long as the interests of the whole family and family are not completely seized, who is stupid enough to directly confront the new emperor at this time? What's more, the emperor who has been on the throne for a few years is not a reckless person. Even if some of the new policies are not perfect, they will eventually be evaluated with more advantages than disadvantages after years of verification. Under the undercurrent, the smooth transition of the regime was finally completed, and many post-war affairs were really on the right track. The new king of this generation of the Empire is indeed a man who has won the sincere support of the vast majority of his subjects. Although occasionally aggressive and fierce, most of the time, His Majesty Fern can listen to all the really useful advice of the court, and can also be said to know how to make good use of people,Inflatable outdoor park, wise and shrewd. Except, of course, for some minor problems.