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XE35U Hydraulic Excavator
Operating weight: 4200kg
Bucket capacity: 0.12m鲁
Rated power: 21.4KW/2400rpm
Applicable working conditions
It is widely used in construction and production fields such as hydropower, transportation, municipal administration, gardening, farmland reconstruction, and oil pipelines.
More reliable and durable
Strengthen the boom and stick, adjust the structure, disperse the stress, and greatly improve the service life.
Equipped with a new type of bucket as standard, the bucket depth is reduced, making unloading faster and more efficient.
The top of the cab is equipped with lights to ensure accurate and safe night work.
The cab is equipped with a large area of high-strength tempered glass to ensure the strength and enhance the vision.
It adopts tailless design to ensure operation in narrow working conditions.
The left and right deflection angles of the working device are 75掳 and 50掳, which can be operated in accordance with the rotation of the upper vehicle, and can easily cope with various working conditions.
More energy saving and environmental protection
The Yanmar engine is adopted to meet the National III emission standards, the performance of the mechanic's fuel injection pump is more reliable, the low-speed torsion reserve is sufficient, and the power is strong.
More efficient returns
The key hydraulic parts adopt the latest technological achievements, with low energy consumption, fast response speed, precise control and small impact, which can maintain strong digging capacity and excellent working efficiency.
The new color large-screen LCD monitor meets ergonomic requirements and has more automatic control functions, effectively shortening the troubleshooting time.
Convenient maintenance
The right hood is opened, and the maintenance of the air conditioner filter, coolant filling port, auxiliary water tank, main power switch, air conditioner drying bottle, and battery is convenient, saving time and effort.
After the rear hood is opened, the maintenance of the diesel filter and the oil filter is within easy reach; the inspection and filling of the oil and air-conditioning refrigerant is extremely convenient.
Product parameters
Device nameXE35U
Device nameKg4200
Bucket capacitym鲁0.12
Engine model /3TNV88-B
Direct injection/鈭?/p
4 stroke/鈭?/p
Water cooling/鈭?/p
Number of cylinders/3
Engine rated powerKw/rpm21.4/2400
Max torque/speedN.m106.4/1000
Main performance
Walking speedKm/h3.6/2.2
Swing speed r/min9
Gradeability 銆?/p鈮?0
Ground pressureKPa36.6
Bucket Digging ForceKN28.6
Stick digging forceKN20.3
Largest traction KN31.6
Oil capacity
Fuel tank volumeL40
Hydraulic tank volumeL45
Engine oil capacityL7
Hydraulic system
Main pump rated flowL/min108
Work pressureMPa24.5
Walking system pressureMPa22
Swing system pressureMPa16.7
Pilot system pressureMPa3.9
Boom lengthmm2560
Stick lengthmm1350
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