DIY Dot Apple Design Tote Bag

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If you're looking for a super cute gift option for your teacher!

This simple custom dot custom cooler bags wholesalers design apple tote is just what you need! This project is such an easy activity that even your kids can join in the making. Since this cable organizer wholesalers apple tote is made mostly of polka dots, your child can help make this fun gift for their teacher. What's unique about this car organizer wholesalers project is the ability to customize it. You can add a personal touch to this tote bag by adding a name in the camera bags wholesalers center of the apple. You can make this apple bag for all the teachers in your life in less than an hour!

Materials you'll need: full-gusset heavy wholesale golf cooler bag canvas affordable horizontal tote; fabric paint (red, green, and brown); paper cardstock; paint Dauber; pencil; fabric maker (black). You'll need fabric paint to add to your bag. This will allow you to wash it if it gets dirty or soiled. Next, create an apple template. Then add dots Zaini personalizzati outside the apple. Walk custom waterproof backpack around your apple design until you have added red dots all over it.

Let the paint dry. If you outline your Apple design, you'll custom sling backpacks want to step over the lines you create. This will be the baseline for the apple shape. As you continue to add points in different shades of red, you need to keep them at or near the organizer tote bag baseline. Step 8: Once the custom logo laptop backpack paint dries, it's time to add some customization! To customize this tote bag with your favorite teacher's name, start by outlining the name in the center of the apple with a pencil.

After you've outlined the name with a lunch bags wholesalers pencil, erase it with a black fabric marker. To add extra detail to my name, I added thicker lines to the upward strokes for a more script-like effect. For more dimension, you can add different shades of brown. Then, let the paint dry. That's it! If it's a teacher gift, all you backpacking organizer bags need to do is add some fun little items to show your appreciation for the teacher