Happy New Year Author: Dog's Blood in the Red Wine Cup

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Later, when she remembered, Tao Fei couldn't remember where she got the courage at that time. She was always quiet and quiet in front of her relatives.

Later, when she remembered, Tao Fei couldn't remember where she got the courage at that time. She was always quiet and quiet in front of her relatives. She didn't look at people when she spoke. Aunt Zhou Xianglin said that she didn't look like a child of the Zhou family at all. When Tao Fei got home, she remembered to call Zhou Xiangmei. He was scolded before he could speak. "Did your uncle call you?" Asked Zhou Xiangmei. Tao Fei: "Yes." Zhou Xiangmei is angry again: "You are fierce, do not answer my phone, say to go, make the whole family is worried." Tao Fei is helpless, "you don't exaggerate, and don't always call your uncle when you have nothing to do in the future, he also has his own business." "Then if you don't answer my phone, I won't call him or anyone else," said Zhou Xiangmei! I only know him in F city! Tao Fei said, "It won't happen in the future. I'll answer whenever you call. I'll answer a few calls." Zhou Xiangmei was finally coaxed, and after talking for a while, she finally hung up the phone. Tao Fei put down her cell phone, sighed, and did not want to move, but her stomach was still full, so she had to stand up and turn around in the room again. Even Shuxin heard the sound of the door opening, did not turn his head, sitting on the sofa,Coil Nail Making Machine, "back." Zhou Liang answered and went to the bathroom, "I'll take a shower first." After a while, the sound of water came out. Lian Shuxin then got up, picked up Zhou Liang's coat on the sofa, and rummaged in his pocket for something. The phone came out, but she didn't know what to do. She never asked him for his password. She tried a few blindly, but she didn't open them, and she became more and more nervous. Lian Shuxin did not know what she was doing,nail manufacturing machine, she listened to the sound of water inside gradually small, in a hurry to put the phone back. Suddenly, she made a movement, then took Zhou Liang's coat in front of her and smelled it carefully. It's perfume. Women's perfume. Lian Shuxin felt relieved. She put her coat away and sat back in her seat as if nothing had happened. Zhou Liang came out, put his coat on his body and said to her, "I'm going to the study." Lian Shuxin nodded and watched him enter the study, closing the door gently. She was in the same state of mind as when she first performed on the stage, expecting fear and nervousness, wanting to run away immediately and want to go on stage quickly, even if the performance was over. Lian Shuxin involuntarily stared at the door of the study, guessing whether Zhou Liang was really working inside, and remembered the smell of perfume just now, showing a smile, she had won without a fight. Li Miao's bedroom was unlocked, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail machine supplier, and Zhou Xianglin said she didn't need a lock. But the parents' bedroom has a lock. Li Miao stood at the door of their bedroom, listening. At first there was a voice, then something fell to the ground. The noise was the loudest. Li Miao was startled. She went back to her room and thought about the next door, hesitating to knock on the door. Moments later, the door opened and Li Kaiyuan came out. He didn't even look at Li Miao's room, so he didn't realize that she was hiding behind the door and peeking at him. Li Kaiyuan put on his shoes and left home. Only then did Li Miao come out. She pushed open the door of her parents' room. Zhou Xianglin is lying on the bed, usually carefully take care of the hairstyle are messy, hair spilled a face, she curled up, hands on the abdomen, there is no sound. Li Miao shouted, "Mom.". Zhou Xianglin suddenly sat up and looked back to see her daughter standing in the doorway, looking at herself. She immediately stroked her hair and tidied up her messy clothes. "Why did you come out?" She asked in her usual tone. "Have you finished your homework?" Li Miao did not answer. Zhou Xianglin came over and pushed her out and coaxed her. "You go back to your room. Mom is going to sleep." Li Miao asked her, "Will Dad come back?" Zhou Xianglin immediately said: "Yes, of course he will come back." She held her daughter's hand and said, "He's your father. This is his home. If he doesn't come back, where will he go?" She looked at Li Miao as if she were asking her. Li Miao, of course, could not answer. She silently went back to her room and closed the door. Zhou Xianglin was about to go back to his room when Li Miao opened the door again and said, "I want to put a lock on the door." Zhou Xianglin said, "what do you want to lock up?" Li Miao: "Nothing." The door was closed again. Zhou Xianglin quietly looked inside for a while before returning to his room. On Monday morning, when people on the road were eager to run, Tao Fei quickened her pace and suddenly heard someone calling her from behind. Taufi! yuan Teng caught up from behind. Tao Fei didn't expect to meet him at this time. "I'm going to be late!"! Why are you so late today? yuan Teng: "I slept late last night." Tao Fei looked at her cell phone. "Take a taxi or you're sure to be late!" Fortunately, they lived close to the company, and they arrived on the spot, and they would be late if they were one minute later. When yuan Teng paid for the car, Tao Fei sent him a red envelope, but yuan Teng refused to accept it. Tao Fei joked, "I don't want any money. What are you doing, young man?" She asked casually, but she didn't expect yuan Teng to be coy. Tao Fei was startled. "What's the matter?" yuan Teng chuckled for a long time and said, "Can you give me Zhuang Xiaomeng's WeChat?" Tao Fei was suddenly enlightened, and then sold Zhuang Xiaomeng. Sold after her conscience a little uneasy, said a message to Zhuang Xiaomeng, Zhuang Xiaomeng frightened, "he is not going to chase you??" Tao Fei replied, "You are blind, but others are not blind." Zhuang Xiaomeng returned a string of ellipses, and then asked, "Do I add him?" "You can add it if you want." "What if he chases me?" "Are there few people chasing you? I believe you!" Zhuang Xiaomeng did not reply to her again, and after a while yuan Teng next door held his cell phone in his arms and smiled with flowers on his face. Tao Fei looked at him a little pitiful, and secretly breathed a sigh of relief, originally yuan Teng so enthusiastic, she did not dare to contact him recently, now finally know the reason. Tao Fei remembered that someone in the office had played a joke on them. yuan Teng giggled at first, but one day he changed his tune and said, "Don't say it. Tao Fei was not happy to hear it.". She can not help but laugh,wire nail machine manufacturers, this is really.., always said that women are realistic, men are more realistic than women. 3shardware.com