I am the ultimate boss of online games

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The copy gate is still busy, although the proportion of dark camp players is small, but the dark main city is also small, so each main city of the dark camp players are also many, although the level 15 copy has not kept up with the needs of mainstream players, but before the new advanced c

The copy gate is still busy, although the proportion of dark camp players is small, but the dark main city is also small, so each main city of the dark camp players are also many, although the level 15 copy has not kept up with the needs of mainstream players, but before the new advanced copy comes out, it will not be eliminated. I applied for a team with abyss difficulty. Lingmu has not played a copy of Bloody City, only with ordinary difficulty. Obviously, the experience of ordinary difficulty is too little for Lingmu. He can only enter the team with abyss difficulty. All the good people are here. Fuck! Yushu Lingfeng? The captain of the undead warrior who reached out to add Ling Mu was about to enter the copy when he suddenly looked at the members of the team and shouted. There are many players at the gate of the copy, and the wizards and necromancers of the dark camp are all dressed in black robes, so Lingmu, who hides his name, is not recognized until he enters the team. Whoa! It's really Yushu Lingfeng! A female player of the Fallen Elves in the team also exclaimed. I've always heard that Yushu Lingfeng is a player in our dark camp, and now I believe it! "Ling Feng Great God!"! Teach me how to play the Necromancer like you! The only necromancer in the group said excitedly. Advanced copy! Still in a hurry to do the task! Lingmu was speechless and urged. —— I saw a reader in the book review area saying that the artifact of Keng Ling Bing'er, this is my own family ah, I go! What do you think.. Chapter 66 the real prince. The copy outside the Bloody City is called the Rotten Grotto, which is a group of rotten stitchers expelled by the Bloody City, allegedly because it is too disgusting. Lingmu really felt sick when he saw it,Nail Making Machine price, just like a zombie sewn up with pieces of meat, which made people's stomach juice surge, but Lingmu was a skeleton, without this feeling, even the smell could not be smelled. The difficulty of this copy is secondary, mainly psychological endurance, but the players who choose the dark camp are more or less psychologically big,Nail machine manufacturer, so the impact of this scene is basically immune, did not see that the female players of the fallen elves are running around Lingmu with a face of excitement? "Wow!"! This is the first time I've seen a living God! "Is it not good for us to add a good friend, Ling Feng Daishen?" "Ling Feng, will you take off your cloak and let me have a look?" "Ling Feng, why is your injury so high?" "Ling Feng, why don't you speak?" "Ling Feng, God." “……” Lingmu has been completely speechless. Level 15 ordinary monster is too simple, although not seconds to walk, but with Lingmu's damage is also a few times to kill one, that is, the chirping fallen elf female player is too noisy. Okay, Viv, are you bored? Others are great gods! How can I talk to you? Don't come here! Finally, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail making machine, another male player of the night elves could not bear to watch, pulled the female player aside, and took a cold look at Lingmu. Ling Mu also looked at him and did not speak. His class is a lurker, similar to a class of Terran thieves, which can be turned into a powerful class such as an assassin. You let go of me! Don't touch me! Female players are still struggling to make trouble, Lingmu can roughly see that they are lovers, it is estimated that they are fighting a cold war, and they have become a prop. Ling Feng God. The necromancer also came over with a hesitant face. Are you a necromancer, too? Ling Mu took the initiative to open his mouth. Yes, yes! But I feel that the necromancer is not very powerful. How can he play as well as you? Said the necromancer hurriedly. Share your skill panel with me. Ling Mu is also curious about the necromancer profession. All right, all right! The necromancer did not hesitate. Lingmu looked at the next, and their own level 23, only 5 skills, but almost as expected, weak control with the call, should be a very powerful occupation ah! The level 1 skill is Corrosive Arrow, a basic attack skill with single damage, which slightly reduces the effect of defense. Level 5 skill is Light of Weakness, which reduces all attributes. Level 10 is the concussive, slow escape skill. Level 15 skill is to summon a skeleton, from the corpse of the monster to summon a skeleton of the same level as their own, the strength has become the same level as their own, weak and pitiful. Level 20 is the deep ghost hand, single control. This set of skills can completely abuse the boss! How can it not be strong? "The main reason is that the strength of the summoned skeleton is very ordinary!" The necromancer's face was sad. Can't you summon a few more to beat up the boss? Ling Mu said strangely. But there is a limit to the number of summoning. I can only summon two at most now! The necromancer is helpless. Two? What is your mental strength? Ling Mu was stunned. Just 50 o'clock! The necromancer looked. So little? How did you add points to the upgrade? Lingmu questioned. Plus the constitution and intelligence, the constitution increases the ability to survive, and the intelligence increases the damage. The necromancer said as a matter of course, leaving Lingmu speechless for a while. You will be able to summon a large group of skeletons if you upgrade all your spirits in the future! Ling Mu also saw that the necromancer's call was the same as his own. Ah! So that's it! Thank you, Lord Ling Feng! Necromancer is stupefied, grateful again and again, "but my injury?" What harm do you want! Specialize in weakness and control in the future, let the skeleton hit the damage! "Oh!" Said also to the boss, a huge fat hate, is also a suture monster, extremely disgusting. Ew! Are you today's food? It looks delicious! With a grin of hatred and excitement, he spat out a piece of carrion and picked up a kitchen knife to cut at several people. Lingmu casually hit a few times, brush a few layers of negative state did not hit, his damage is too high to hit again will pull this disgusting meat ball to run around, do not run Lingmu more do not want to resist, too disgusting. There are also several people on the level 15 gold boss damage is also very considerable, less than a minute to successfully push down, Lingmu also succeeded in opening the abyss of the rotten cave difficulty,iron nail machine, was about to copy, but there was a quarrel behind. What's the matter with you? And picked it up in your backpack? No need to distribute it? It was the voice of the Night Elf Lurker, he said in a loud voice. 3shardware.com