The glory of Germany

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At nine o'clock on the morning of June 26, the number of tanks took the brunt of the attack, and the man named Popel led his troops to the front.

At nine o'clock on the morning of June 26, the number of tanks took the brunt of the attack, and the man named Popel led his troops to the front. As a result, when they had just set out, they encountered a river that was not wide, but was swampy on both sides. Because the Soviet Army, which launched the attack in a hurry, did not carry out terrain reconnaissance before the battle, neither the commander of the 8th Mechanized Army, Rybeyashev, nor the Bobel, knew that there was such a river in front of them. But now that the battle has begun, it is impossible for us to choose the starting area of attack again. So, after receiving an inquiry from Bobell, Major General Ryabishev, commander of the 8th Mechanized Army, had to send a motorized detachment to occupy the north bank of the river to cover the tank troops crossing the river. At this time, through the guidance of reconnaissance posts and aircraft,collapsible pallet box, the Germans, who were always in control of the movement of the Soviet Army, certainly did not miss this favorable opportunity. Artillery units of the 57th Infantry Division, which cooperated with the 16th Armored Division, quickly organized a fierce fire attack, and the roaring rows of heavy artillery shells destroyed a large number of Soviet tanks crossing the river. Many Soviet tanks were destroyed between the ferry and the river. The infantry accompanying the tank attack were also killed and wounded. At the same time,secondary containment pallet, the Soviet vanguard tank unit had an encounter with the 6th Tank Company of the German 16th Panzer Division, and the scale of the battle expanded. During the battle, the confident German anti-tank gunners watched in amazement as the new Soviet T-34 tanks were overwhelmed by their 50mm anti-tank guns, giving a powerful visual impact to many German soldiers present. In this battle, the Soviets claimed to have destroyed and captured eight German tanks, wiped out two German motorized battalions, and moved forward. Li 。 Soon, the German 16th Panzer Division was routed. The main force of the Soviet army finally opened a moderate breach in the German defense line. The goddess of victory seemed to be beckoning to Rybyashev and his soldiers. Book 6, Chapter 54, Focus; Brisovska Updated: January 7, 2009 2:49:11 Words in this Chapter: 3164 After receiving the news that his position had been completely broken through, Hans, the fearless general, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, now had no way out, because he had made a huge mistake, that is, he had not left any reserves for himself. So he had to go directly to his immediate superior. William: Help yourself to this huge hole. "Hey!" After reading the urgent telegram sent by Hu Bei, Ji Ming sighed slightly. Reserve. The battle had not been fought for a while, and the reserves had to be used. The battle was really difficult. But as far as the current situation is concerned, if we don't send reserves to block the opening, then the battle behind is really difficult. So, after a moment's hesitation, he turned his head, glanced at some of the staff officers present, and then spoke slowly: "Then, everyone, tell Strawitz to prepare his German panzergrenadiers for attack!" Meanwhile, our Greater German Panzergrenadier Division was dawdling. The reason is simple. That's low on fuel. As the fighting continued, there was considerable confusion in the original supply system. The Greater German Panzergrenadier Division, on the other hand, consumed an astonishing amount of fuel. As a result, the powerful force had to stay in place and wait for the fuel to be delivered by the logistics force after 20 kilometers forward. Of course, this also gave the army a chance, because their leisure time was spent on fortification and construction of fortifications. At ten o'clock at noon, the vehicles full of supplies finally arrived at the battlefield, and the troops began to move forward slowly, but because of some problems with the radio at this time, all the troops received the original order. All the troops attacked and advanced in the direction of Borisov, west of Lutsk, cleared the way for the remaining Red Army troops, and moved to the 16th as soon as possible. The first to set out was the division's Power Search Battalion, followed by the Greater German Panzer Regiment, closely followed by the 1st Battalion of the Greater German Grenadier Regiment. An officer at the battalion's headquarters wrote in the report: "Around 1300, in front of us were the troops of the Panzer Regiment, and behind us was the 2nd Artillery Battalion of the Artillery Regiment.". The 7th and 8th Companies of the 3rd Battalion were mopping up the remaining enemy troops in a village to the south under the cover of Spitfire tanks, and in the process, the 7th Company succeeded in destroying three tanks of the other side. Our subordinate 2346th Company and Battalion Headquarters followed closely [u] around 1400 in the afternoon. We just made our first contact with the Russians. The location is at the entrance of the village of Brisovska, 10 km from Borisov. Russian tanks, hidden behind the farmhouse, fired at us frequently. One of our half-track personnel carriers was destroyed. It was only 10 meters away from my vehicle. I saw the car turn into a huge ball of fire. But at the same time I got the first flaming Soviet tank. This tank is not too big. Judging from the shape of the turret, it should be a Soviet BT tank. It is not the Soviet heavy tank KV or T34 that staff officers have been emphasizing. After a few minutes, we got a new message. The Russians were ready to abandon the village, and they began to flee eastward. Soon we received a message from the battalion commander asking them to immediately launch a pursuit and occupy the village. The tanks of the Panzer Regiment advanced as far as the entrance to the village. But there was no strong resistance during this period. We caught a lot of Russian prisoners alone along the way. After entering the village,drum spill pallet, our battalion broke away from the cover of tanks and began to clear the remaining German troops in the northern part of the village alone. At the same time, new defensive positions were built in the northern and eastern parts of the village. The battalion headquarters was first set up at the western entrance of the whole village of Brisovska, and then next to the defensive positions in the north of the village.