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"You say you're from the Tuta Sea. Do you know what's going on there?"? Well, as long as the information is useful to us, I will give you a certain reward. ?

"You say you're from the Tuta Sea. Do you know what's going on there?"? Well, as long as the information is useful to us, I will give you a certain reward. ? Zhuo Yanqing's voice was cold and her eyes were haughty. When she spoke, she slowly released three glittering top-grade Lingshi on the table in front of her. Jade pointed to the Lingshi and asked indifferently. I do not know. Shi Yan shook his head. Uh Li Yan Qing Dai eyebrows slightly wrinkled up, the expression is obviously a little unhappy, "these three top-grade Lingshi, for your realm of martial arts, should not be considered light.". Do you think the pay is too low? I see how precious your information is. If your information is rare enough, I can pay you more. How about that? "I don't want anything like a spirit stone.". Shi Yan shook his head and suddenly said, "I really want to know how things are going on your side."? As a saint of Tianchi Holy Land, you should be familiar with the truth. Can you tell me? Zhai Yanqing's pretty face was stagnant, her beautiful eyes were a little strange, and she looked at him strangely. The average warrior, when seeing her, will appear embarrassed, under the suppression of her identity and cultivation, this kind of small warrior in the realm of human position, afraid that even the speech is not neat, but this person is boasting, obviously not nervous at all, but also dare to speak out to question her. This made Cui Yanqing a little surprised, feeling that the people in front of him seemed to be somewhat different. Do you know what's going on in the Tuta Sea? Cui Yanqing slightly hesitated, his face suddenly cold down, always cold and arrogant, "I ask you what, say what, I do not like others to bargain with me.". , After a pause, Zhai Yanqing curled her lips and sneered, "Do you think you are qualified to bargain with me?" Shi Yan smiled and nodded affirmatively: "Yes.". , "Oh?" Cui Yanqing raised her eyebrows, showing a little impatience. "What do you rely on?" She sneered? , "Just because I touched you!" "I want to die!" Li Yanqing suddenly stood up, his face was cold, his eyes were cold, and he was about to start hurting people. As soon as she raised her hand, she suddenly found that Shiyan had disappeared in a flash and there was no trace of it. The next moment, a rough man's breath suddenly came from the back of her neck. She was startled. Before she could react, she found that the thin mask on her face had been torn off. I still like the face under your mask. Shi Yan smiled and unceremoniously took a pat on her buttocks. She was amazed and said, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet suppliers, "It's still very elastic. I haven't seen you for a long time, but your figure is still so charming. It's not in vain that I've been thinking about you overseas." Zhai Yanqing changed color with horror. Her delicate body suddenly trembled. Suddenly she lost her voice and said, "You, your voice?" He has returned to the original sound of his previous words. With a smile, Shi Yan grinned and joked, "Beauty, after such a long time, you still remember my voice. It's good. You seem to have a deep affection for me. I'm very happy.". , "I will never forget your evil voice in my dreams!" Li Yanqing bit her silver teeth and turned around coldly. She didn't know whether she was frightened or excited. Her charming body trembled gently. She stared at him fiercely and said angrily, "How dare you come back?" Shi Yan smiled and looked surprised. "Why don't I dare to go back?" He asked? , As he said this, he looked at the beautiful and delicate face with his eyes burning, and smiled and exclaimed, "Why do you cover up a beautiful face?"? What a waste of natural resources. Well, I am a person who cherishes flowers. Every time I see you, I will let this face show, see the sunlight, and absorb the spirit of heaven and earth. , "You bastard!" "Yes, I'm an asshole." Shi Yan nodded his head repeatedly and admitted it. He stretched out his hand and patted his delicate face rudely. He said with a sneer, "But there are more people who are bastards than me. They agreed to Lao Tzu's terms. They immediately tore their faces afterwards and sent someone to kill me. Do you think your school is more bastard than me?"? And you, if I hadn't saved you, would you have returned from the abyss alive? Can you live to this day? Li Yanqing's momentum suddenly weakened. "I remember, when I was in that abandoned place, I said that you were the slave girls I bought. I was busy at that time and had not tasted your taste yet. How about making up for it now?" Shi Yan has an evil smile and a cold tone. Weigh! The fox inkstone was so angry that he wished he could swallow it and chew it into blood foam. You what? Shi Yan sneered. I admit that there is something wrong with Shifu's practice. Zhuo Yanqing suddenly sighed softly and avoided his provocation. He sat down there again and said with a gloomy face, "But I can't decide. I didn't participate when the school sent people to kill you. Why did you do that?"? If you leave, you shouldn't come back. If you come back, things will only happen again. The people who should deal with you will still do that to you. , "Haven't they been awakened by the magic man and the underworld?"? Shi Yan smiled coldly with a cold face. "It seems that the destruction of the endless sea will not last long. At this time, I am still thinking about the inner chalk. I think when I come back this time, I may be able to see that the endless sea has been completely occupied by the underworld and the magic man.". Well, that's all right. It's better for those people to die than to stay in the endless sea. Living is also a waste of cultivation resources. It's not even as cheap as other people. You shouldn't have come back. Cui Yanqing sat there with a complicated expression, "leave, you will never come back, the endless sea can not accommodate you, but you can live well in other places, why come here to confess?" "Why, you seem to care about me?" Shi Yan was startled. "Beauty," he said with a smile, "did you really make a secret promise to me? Well, I know my charm is matchless, and you and I have skin. Women have strange feelings. It is said that they have a special feeling for people who are frivolous. Are you the same? "I don't care if you live or die!" Cui Yanqing changed his face, his body trembled with anger, and he wanted to strangle Shiyan. Shiyan indifferent to the right,plastic pallet manufacturer, eyes a little more deep meaning, seems to have found something wonderful. (To be continued) Chapter 428 the influence of Shiyan. Chapter 428 the influence of Shiyan. Four eyes face each other, two people suddenly fell silent at the same time. The atmosphere is a little weird.