Wan Li Fang Fei

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After taking it back to the Wanhua Shrine, I put it in the Wanhua Garden and fed it some fruits from the divine world and my own Wanhua elixir.

After taking it back to the Wanhua Shrine, I put it in the Wanhua Garden and fed it some fruits from the divine world and my own Wanhua elixir. I said with a smile, Tomorrow I will go down to the lower world. You are here to learn from my brother to identify the varieties of flowers. In addition, we should guard the garden well and not let other male immortals enter the Wanhua Shrine from the garden and steal my portrait in the name of flower appreciation. He nodded and said to me in his heart, "Sister Goddess, can I see your portrait?" I did not expect, it and I said the first sentence, is this content, if other male gods say this, I will be angry, but it is a newborn God beast, then laughed: "Of course.". With my permission, you and Long Jun can see my portrait. Act III: The three Xiuzhen men who accompanied me to the base were really excellent. One of them also brought his new disciple, a small black eagle. The true men in red asked me to give them names. I thought about it and dug up their appearance, skin and characteristics, and called them flowers, fruits, nectar and leaves. Even if the black carving disciple of Huaye is only one foot in size, the road is unstable, looking at me, DC saliva, leering, want to call it "nymphomaniac" color bird,14 tube fitting, forget it, do not give it a name! The five of us stood on the back of the Phoenix, flew out of the realm of cultivation, and flew for a long time in the vast universe. Halfway through, Huaye also released a flying sword to kill the five little demons sent by the demon world to sneak into the ghost world. Before his death, the little demon revealed that the demon world had assigned the snake king to monitor the newly built base in the divine world in order to find out the role of the base. Nectar asked me the purpose of my trip, and I laughed and answered, "It is to create an ordinary human world." When I finally arrived at the logistics base, I immediately sent flowers,stainless steel needle valve, fruits, honey and leaves to patrol to see if there were any small demons sneaking in. On the periphery of the logistics base, I laid the golden Dafa robbery, and then built five warehouses for the needed materials. In order to prevent the snake king of the demon world from discovering that this is our important military material base, the demon world, I will issue the God's decree to create human beings and beasts, and establish the Wanhua Kingdom, making it the same as the world of ordinary human beings. The only difference is that after Nu Wa went to the human world to create many worlds, she summed up her experience and reported it to the divine world. In the divine decree of the divine emperor, she turned the human beings here into women's menopause and gave birth to children safely by men. I have a heavy curse, if this place is occupied by the demon world, the whole world will explode, our military supplies, must not fall into the demon world! In order to make the image lifelike, I also bent down to be the first female emperor of Wanhua Kingdom, and sealed the flowers, 14 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, fruits and nectar as my empress and imperial concubine, and made the flowers and leaves as the general. I had never been a female emperor in the world, and I thought it was very fresh. On the first day of my accession to the throne, I drank too much mead and got drunk. I regarded the three of them as my brother and Longjun's intimate embrace. When I woke up, they misunderstood me and thought I was in love with them. They thought it was not good, so they used magic to hypnotize them. Put the flowers and leaves on the top of the snow lotus. Before I left, Long Jun asked me to help him bring the snow lotus from the divine world to the human world for cultivation. This is a simple medical warehouse. Nectar is placed in the Golden Silkworm Cave, which is a large warehouse for military provisions and military uniforms. The golden purple mulberry is used as the military provisions of the magic soldier. If you eat one grain, you will be energetic in heaven and earth for seven days, increase your strength, and have no sense of hunger. The silk from the golden silkworm is woven into golden silkworm armor, which is put into the Longjun's heart refining furnace. It only takes half a day in the divine world to refine it into a divine military uniform against electricity, fire and ice. Heard to go to the demon world, through several hell roads, to suffer from the demon king's electric mountain, fire forest and ice rain attack, without these God uniforms, our God soldiers are injured or dead! This warehouse is very important. In order to prevent the demon king from sneaking in and stealing, I used the divine decree written by the God Emperor himself to lay down a heavy law of life and death here. No one can pick up these treasures except me. Not far from here, I sprinkled the seeds of crystal minerals formed in the divine world. People in this world do not know that divine crystals can improve combat effectiveness, so no one will regard them as treasures. These seeds were also given to me by Longjun. He was afraid that if he planted it in his palace, it would be discovered and stolen by the demon world. So leave it all to me. Put it here. Specially told me to sprinkle the crystal ore seeds on the mountain at will. The more dangerous the place is, the safer it is. No matter how smart the snake king is, he will not think that these crystals are different from the ordinary crystal minerals in the human world, which can double the mental strength and combat effectiveness! I put the flowers and fruits on a small island in the sea, so that he could guard the gate of the world and prevent the sorcerer from rushing in from the robbery I laid by the sea. I also passed a little magic power to each person so that they could enter my magic robbery. After doing all this, I tore off the cloth scroll of the God Emperor's decree in the Flower Palace of Huadu, dripped my blood into it, and turned it into a baby girl with the miracle of silver flowers, and became my heir to the throne. Then, I threw into the magic forest I had built under the Flower Palace a boring book from my brother before I left, the Royal Male Art. At that time, the elder brother said mysteriously that it was a compulsory book for the goddess before she became an adult, and the last goddess she studied was the mother of the little white tiger. As soon as I heard it, I thought it was some kind of profound magic, so I stopped immediately. Hum, this kind of obscene book, I will not read, more will not practice! On the surface, the Magic Forest is a large mausoleum, but in fact it is a warehouse of metal ore in the divine world. Those high-grade metal ores in the divine world are too young to resist the hardness of sky fire, sky ice and sky electricity, and need to be tempered here. It is estimated that after five thousand years, the human world will be able to achieve the desired effect, you can take it back, let the Dragon King refine it into a sharp artifact, and then give it to the magic soldiers to kill the monsters in the demon world on the battlefield! I arranged everything and left one of my peony hairpins as an artifact to be used when the female emperors below the silver level died in the future. In the face of the all-pervasive demon world, if my heir to the throne never dies, it means that this is not an ordinary human world, but a special base of the divine world. I think the God emperor did not send the immortals of the divine world, but randomly sent three immortals of the real world to guard here,needle valve manufacturer, also in order not to attract the attention of the demon world. After everything was arranged, when the second generation heir to the throne came of age, I stood on the back of the Phoenix and flew back to the divine world. Act 4:. chinaroke.com