One hundred years of solitude

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Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía showed no sign of anger, but he was calm after his bodyguard had robbed and burned down the widow's house. "

Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía showed no sign of anger, but he was calm after his bodyguard had robbed and burned down the widow's house. "Beware of your heart, Aureliano," Geri-neldo Márquez warned him. You're rotting alive. At about this time Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía convened a meeting of the commanders of the troops of the Second Intifada. There were all kinds of people present: ideologues, careerists, adventurers, scum of the earth, and even criminals in general. One of the conservative officials joined the revolution because he escaped punishment for embezzling public funds. Many people simply do not know why they are fighting, and in this diverse group of people, different beliefs will cause internal explosions, but the most striking is a gloomy power figure, Tefero. General Vargas 。 This was a full-blooded Indian, rough and ignorant, with a knack for cunning and foresight, and a knack for turning his men into extreme religious fanatics. Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía intended to unify the command of the insurrectionary forces at the conference against the machinations of the politicians. But General Tefero Vargas sabotaged his plan: in a few hours, he broke up the coalition of good commanders and seized the overall command.. "This is a remarkable beast," Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía told his officers. Such a man is more dangerous to us than the Secretary of the Army in the government. So a captain, who is usually known for his timidity,Self-closing Shower Valve, raised his index finger carefully. "It's very simple, Colonel," he said. He should be killed. For an instant, the proposal exceeded his own ideas, and he was disturbed not by the cruelty of the proposal, but by the way it was carried out. "Don't expect me to give such an order," he replied. He did not issue such an order. Two weeks later,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, however, General Teifero was ambushed and chopped to pieces with a machete, and Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía took command. That very night, after his power had been recognized by all the commanders of the insurgent troops, he suddenly woke up in terror and shouted for a blanket. The bitter coldness of the interior, which had tormented him under the scorching sun, and kept him awake over many shoulders, had at last become a disease, and his former fascination with power had become a constant source of dissatisfaction with himself. In order to cure the cold and fever, he ordered the young officer who advised him to kill General Tefero Vargas to be shot. But before he had given the order, or even thought of it, his subordinates did so, Time Delay Tap ,push button toilet flush valve, often exceeding the limits he dared to reach himself. Although he had unlimited power, he fell into loneliness and began to lose his way. Now, in the towns he captured, he was offended by the cheers of the crowds, who he felt welcomed his enemies in the same way. Everywhere he met young people who looked at him with his eyes. He spoke to him in that tone of voice, treated him with the same suspicion that he treated them, and called himself his son. He felt strange-he seemed to have become many people, but more lonely. He suspected that his officers were deceiving him, and he gave the Duke of Marlborough the cold shoulder. "Best friends are dead," he liked to say at the time. He was exhausted by constant suspicion, by the vicious circle of years of war; he was going around and around, actually marking time, but he was getting older and older, more and more exhausted, and more and more confused: Why? What to do? Until when? Outside the chalk circles, there were always people standing: some were short of money; some had sons with whooping cough; some wanted to go to sleep because they were sick of the dirty war; but some gathered their strength and took the "attention" position and reported, "All is well, Colonel." However, in the continuous war, "normal" is precisely the most terrible: it means no progress. Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía was left alone, with no premonitions, in order to get rid of the cold and fever that had been with him until his death. He intended to find his last resting place in Macondo, to be warmed by the memory of his stay. His negativity was so serious that it was reported that when the Liberal Party delegation came to discuss the most important political issues with him. He just rolled over in the hammock and didn't even open his eyes. "Take them to the whores," he murmured. The delegation consisted of six lawyers in tuxedos and hats, who endured the scorching January sun in a rare Stoic spirit. RSULa let them stay in her house. They spent most of the day in their bedrooms, conferring in secret, and at night they asked for a guard and an accordion ensemble, and took over the whole of Catarino's playground. "Don't disturb them," Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía ordered. I know exactly what they need. The long-awaited talks in early December took less than an hour, though many expected them to turn into an interminable wrangle. Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía's adjutants drew a circle with chalk around the ghostly player piano in the stuffy living room, which was covered with a white sheet like a shroud, but this time the Colonel did not enter the circle. He sat in a chair between his political advisers, wrapped in a blanket, and listened in silence to the brief proposals of the delegation. They asked him, first, not to renew the review of land ownership in order to restore the support of the Liberal landowners to the Liberal Party; second, not to oppose the power of the church in order to win the support of the believers; and third, not to demand equal rights for legitimate and illegitimate children in order to maintain the sanctity and strong ties of the family. "That is to say," Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía said with a smile after the proposal had been read, "we are only fighting for power." "Tactically, we have made these changes to our program,stainless steel shower tray," one of the delegates replied. At present, the most important thing is to expand our mass base, and the rest will be discussed later. One of Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía's political advisers rushed in.