There are only ministers in the world

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Songhua laughed out loud. Shao Qing pointed at her and said, "Didn't I tell you and Muli about this girl's life experience last time?"?

Songhua laughed out loud. Shao Qing pointed at her and said, "Didn't I tell you and Muli about this girl's life experience last time?"? She inherited her grandfather's talent and did something that will go down in history. "What is it?" Yan Tian's eyes were bigger, and he woke up one or two times. Speaking of Bai Qixuan at that time, they were all at a loss, but Mu Li was shocked for a long time, even if he had not seen it, but he had heard of the name, that Bai Qixuan was not a general character, thinking that he was a master of the four countries who could not ask for money. It's just a big firecracker! Songhua was a little embarrassed to see them all serious. Yan Tian looked at Shao Qing in puzzlement. "What on earth is it?" "Things for war." Shao Qing's eyes are shining. "With that, even if the Three Kingdoms fall into his hands, we are not afraid.". Even if he only defends but does not attack, it is easy to damage tens of thousands of his troops. Is there such a thing? I want to see. You've gone too far to hide it from me. One or two. I thought you were sisters. Yan Tian was furious. Song Hua smiled and hugged her, comforting her, "I'll show you, but I can't do it today. If that thing is brought here, it will explode a pit immediately. It's not for fun." Yan Tian's eyes rolled back and forth on her face: "Is it really so powerful?" "It's not up to us. We have to let Muli read it." "After all, marching and fighting are not child's play," said Shao Qing with a smile. "He must like it. He's very happy." Yan Tian was also excited, "Hua'er,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, you are so capable." Song Hua let her praise embarrassed, Yan Tian said again: "What is this thing called?"? Did you name it? Two people are however stupefied, had not thought of this, Yan Tian flattened flat mouth: "The name is much more important." All three of them nodded for a moment and quieted down to think of names. Unexpectedly, after drinking a little wine, Xiao Liu, who seemed to be sleeping, suddenly said,Stainless Steel Toilet China, "Call it a preserved egg!" The three of them were stunned and laughed. Even Xiao Liu was about to fall to the ground. Shao Qing managed to hold on and helped them up. At that moment, someone outside the door tapped twice. It was Mu Yao's voice that laughed: "This is a new house. You've made enough trouble. Come out and eat something." When Xiao Liu heard that it was him, he rushed out. Mu Yao was naturally not convenient to enter the house at this time, so he waited outside. Yan Tian and Shao Qing tidied up and followed him out. Shao Qing went to the door and saw that Songhua was putting on the veil. "Have a rest," he said. "I'm afraid the brothers of Jinzi will have to make trouble in the bridal chamber later. Some of them are tired." Songhua nodded, and then she went out. Yan Tian said hello to Mu Yao. Then he turned to Shao Qing and said, "I smell of alcohol. I'm very sleepy. I have to go back to the courtyard to have a rest first. Remember to call me when we make trouble in the bridal chamber. If we don't block it, the soldiers will kick her into the bridal chamber." Shao Qing smiled and asked Xiao Liu to send her back. Yan Tian went to the door and turned around and said, "It's too messy to talk here. You can come later. I have something to tell you." Shao Qing agreed and watched her and Xiao Liu's back walk toward the outer courtyard. Then he looked back and saw Mu Yao standing not far away. He smelled of alcohol and said, "Did you drink a lot of wine?" Mu Yao said with a smile, "Compared with gold, I don't have much. His brothers are really not covered. I can't stop them. Let him support himself." Shao Qing couldn't help laughing and looked up at him. "It's comfortable when the wind blows. Why don't I get some tea.." As soon as Mu Yao stretched out his hand to hold her, he said, stainless steel toilet ,Flush Retrofit Kit, "Don't bother." He was so close that he looked down at her. His eyes were shining. After looking at her for a while, he suddenly whispered, "Walk with me." It was rare to hear him speak like this. Shao Qing was stunned and nodded. The two of them went out along the side door. There were still many pedestrians on the long street. When they walked far away, they could still hear the excitement in the yard behind them. Shao Qing walked out for a while and couldn't help looking back. He sighed, "This is really good, isn't it?" Mu Yao gave a hum and took her hand again. "You've done enough for them." "They are all our relatives, and no matter how many they are, they are happy." Shao Qing no longer stayed and was pulled forward by him. "Songhua is married, and Miss Yan will be soon." Mu Yao said carelessly. Yes, I saw Mu Li staring at Yan Tian during the worship today. "Shao Qing covered his mouth and chuckled." I was afraid that she would run away. If Yan Tian hadn't agreed, I would have helped them this time. " "Are you not only backing your sister, but also playing the role of your mother?" Mu Yao looked at her sideways. What nonsense! Shao Qing because of his words, suddenly remembered just in the bridal chamber and Songhua tease, face suddenly red. Mu Yao looked at her expression, but there was a glimmer in his eyes. He turned his head and walked away for a moment. "Will you marry him?" He asked. Shao Qing was stupefied. This time, not only her face, but also her hands were hot. She felt uncomfortable and wanted to let go of her hands, but Mu Yao held them too tightly. She was about to struggle gently when she suddenly felt something strange in her heart. She looked up at him and said, "What's wrong with you?" Mu Yao said with a smile, "If you drink too much, what else can you do?" The two of them walked quietly for a moment and had already turned two long streets. There were much fewer people here, and apart from a few dim sum shops, there were no passers-by to be seen. The night wind in May was still slightly cool on her body. Shao Qing couldn't help shrinking. Mu Yao approached her and suddenly said without thinking, "He doesn't deserve you." Shao Qing Leng, Mu Yao stopped, facing her, the eyes of the wine has faded, "one day, you will marry him?"? Be the queen of the Moon Kingdom? Shao Qing stared at him. Mu Yao's eyes shone under the moon, but his face became blurred because of the backlight. There were only two bright, clear and strange points: "He gave you the opportunity to help you, so you are grateful to him, aren't you?"? He is the king of the moon, and it is easy to support a person, so it is not how much he has done for you, but how much you have done for him. Yue Chongjin doesn't deserve you at all! You should have a stronger person to help you, who can arrange for you carefully and give up everything for you! You are Bai Shaoqing, you will create the Golden Tripod Dynasty, you will be a generation of queens. His voice suddenly stopped. Because the person in front of us, a moment ago, was a gentle and gentle woman, with a gentle smile in her eyes, but suddenly changed, with the same face,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, sharp eyes, thin lips and frowning eyebrows, and her voice was like "What are you talking about?" 。